Instant Sous

A slow cooker takes over chef duties

By Jennifer Cohen-Katz

As a mother of three fortunate enough to be at home after school for homework oversight and dinner prep, I set a high bar for myself. Surely as a nutritionist and graduate of culinary school I should serve up healthy, mouthwatering fare to rival any restaurant in town. Although I try desperately to attain some balance between mom duties and the chef I truly yearn to be, it can be a madhouse. 

After observing my nightly chaos, a dear and very organized friend asked me to come over for a glass of wine. “I want you to do three things” she told me. “Ok,” I responded, always eager to get tips from those better at problem-solving than me. 

“You’ve got to stop thinking of your kitchen as a five-star restaurant. Your family will not fire you if pizza shows up on the table every once in a while.” “Alright,” I relented, “No more three course dinners.” 

“Next turn off your cell phone at 3:30 p.m.” 

“Wow! I’m allowed to do that?” I asked. 

And finally she said, “Buy yourself a crock pot.” 

With that last command I looked up. “A crock pot?” I’ve had no formal culinary training for one of those things. 

“Yes, a crock pot.” 

So I headed to Williams Sonoma and picked an All-Clad Slow Cooker with an insert that I could use to sauté food before slow cooking. I loved the thought of having only one pot to clean. 

The slow cooker was just the help I needed, the sous chef in my small kitchen brigade. In the morning I hand over the chicken and veggies to my smart sous cooker. She works her magic and in the evening presents us with a lovely dinner. 

Another extra pair of hands in the kitchen is the Insta-pot, described as a smart, multi-use, programmable pressure cooker designed for those who live a fast-paced, healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. Oh, that’s me. This kitchen helper is remarkably capable of assisting me with everything from soup to dessert—whatever I desire. 

For some assistance in collecting recipe ideas for these godsends take a look at cooking and technique classes at Williams Sonoma and guest chef classes at Secolari at The Mall in Columbia. Crossroads Apothecary & Teaching Kitchen offers cooking demos featuring food as medicine. You’re likely to find crock or instant pot cooking lessons through Howard County Recreation and Parks as well.

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