Getting to Vote


Year of the Howard County Woman

Alice Parks, who keeps bees in West Friendship, is the superintendent of the Honey and Beeswax exhibit at the Howard County Fair. Here, she inspects a frame at one of her hives.

Bee Colony


Queens of Code


The (He)art of the Deal

Erin Cassell's tie dye business dips into everything from children's parties to corporate retreats.

Color Wheel

Pamela Woolford dances in the barn at the Howard County Conservancy. The barn's exterior was one of the locations she used in her film Generation.

Screendance Films

Nette Stokes started her nonprofit, JustLiving Advocacy, based on her own mother's life–
and death.

Heart and Home

Sharon Runge stands near a gift painted by her daughter, Emma Runge, in their family home.

Making Connections

Leah Miller, Energy Manager of the Office of Community Sustainability, 
on the solar paneled roof of the Miller Library (no relation).

Eco Warriors