Size Does Make A Difference In How A Bra Fits


A bra is the most engineered piece of clothing a woman wears. Not only does the fabric need to be soft, but it also has to be sturdy.  In order to be able to lift the weight of the breasts, it requires the layering of different strength fabrics. Fabric manufacturers and pattern makers are necessary to create these undergarments.

One of our manufacturers, Prima Donna, takes over an hour to make just one bra.  There are over 35 pieces that are put into making this garment.  Each wire is specific to every cup size.  The European lace is an added touch that often brings up the cost of a bra or panty.

Bras are produced in fashion colors and seasonal offerings just like dresses and suits.  A Pantone color scheme is used for all clothing including lingerie.

Lingerie requires a very specific design skill that combines with the knowledge of how the body works.  The purpose of a bra is to support, lift, shape, and hold the breast tissue in place for hours on end.  In addition to its functionality, a bra has to be comfortable and durable–and being attractive is a bonus!

We understand that people have different price thresholds, and we therefore offer several different prices. Our bras range from $50 to $200.  Similar to shoes, the better quality products are in a higher price range.

Our main objective is to have something for everyone. Twice a year, I have the pleasure of attending the Curve EuroVet Expo in New York to meet with lingerie manufacturers and view the next season’s fashion trends. We preorder the store’s offerings six to nine months ahead of their arrival.

I have visited the Salon International de la Lingerie show in Paris, France over the past couple of years in addition to visiting some of my manufacturers’ facilities to understand how the products are designed and then created.

Why get fitted by a professional fitter?

Did you know there are several size charts depending on the country where the bras are made?  We carry bras made in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Canada, as well as the United States. Each of these countries follows a different size range. When you look at a clothing tag you will often see the different sizes listed. We follow the UK sizing for bras.  The ½ sizes are included which offers more options for individuals.

Our fit technique is based more on visually evaluating the way the garment is fitting instead of relying on a certain size.  This is the reason we carry over 200 sizes.  If we do not have a bra that will fit properly, we will make alterations to fit the customer’s needs. We often shorten straps and sew in cushions to fit an individual’s body type.

We strive to educate our customers to be able to recognize what to look for in a good fitting bra.  We work with each individual on a one-to-one basis to assure finding their perfect fit.

Bra-La-La also carries bra-sized swimwear, bridal bustiers, post-mastectomy bras and forms, sports bras, everyday bras, and bralettes in addition to pajamas, robes, chemises, and loungewear.

Give yourself the gift of support, lift, and happiness by visiting us in the Maple Lawn shopping center.  8180 Maple Lawn Boulevard, Fulton, MD 20759

You can book an online appointment to see us in person or virtually, or call us for a consultation. We welcome walk-ins.

Mary Jordan, has owned and operated Bra-la-la since March of 2007.

She worked in the Biotechnology field for 15 years prior as a contractor for NIH, Johns Hopkins, U. of Md. Selling cytokines, growth factors, antibodies and instrumentation to immunology laboratories.

Mary worked at the Lombardi Cancer Research laboratory at Georgetown University and Hospital in a Pharmacology and Radiation Medicine lab as a technician and laboratory manager.

Mary graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Biology and Public Health.

She resides in Ellicott City with her husband Jeff.  She has two daughters Kendra and Lindsey that reside in Philadelphia and New York City. 

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