How many bras should a woman have?  A: We recommend 3-4 bras to rotate through to prevent wearing out. In addition to everyday bras, each woman should have a goodbra fitting sports bra and a fun sexy bra for date night.

How do you care for your bra? A: We recommend hand washing. However, with the new high- effi ciency washers there is a delicate setting. We also ask that you use a lingerie bag when washing your undergarments. This also serves as a reminder to not put them in the dryer under any circumstance. A gentle detergent is recommended like Forever New, Dreft or Ivory Snow.

Do you have bras and forms for post mastectomy clients? A: At Bra-la-la there are four fi tting specialists for post mastectomy. We have gone through specialized training to accommodate these women. We do not submit insurance forms—however, we are recognized as a National Provider.

How big is your selection? A: We have in the store over 5,000 bras in our inventory. There are multiple choices for each and every size.

How does it work when we visit, do we need to make an appointment? A: No appointment is necessary. When you arrive, you will be assigned a fi tter. The fi tter will work with you to fi nd your perfect fi t by trying on different makes and styles to fi t your personal shape.

What kind of service is there for brides? A: We have multiple bridal bustiers in addition to strapless and shapewear. We advise the bride-to-be to visit us at least three months to her big day in order to fi nd her exactly what she desires.

When should a young lady buy her first bra? A: We usually recommend our young customers to begin with a bralette. When this doesn’t provide enough coverage or support we do have bras for our younger customers that will meet her needs.


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