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The most ubiquitous New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier, a vow that goes hand-in-hand with losing weight.

These elusive goals can be undermined by a sneaky little thing called Life. Spur-of-the-moment changes in schedules due to longer-than-expected mplan_meals_rootseetings, traffic jams or the soccer game you forgot about until your third-grader stomps downstairs in his cleats can lay waste to your best efforts at meal planning. And there is no greater enemy of healthy eating than meals wolfed down on the run.

Stocking the fridge with healthy options to grab-and-run, or use for a nourishing meal after a long day can be the first step to realizing your resolutions.

With the help of these health-conscious establishments, you can work and stay on track – no matter what life throws at you.

The Clarksville shopping plaza – anchored by Roots Market – has come to be known as Conscious Corner, and is a healthy eating mecca. Last spring, Roots, which specializes in organic foods and natural produce, opened a kitchen and bakeshop to provide healthy meals and baked goods made on site. Roots’ bulk foods section is a great place to stock up on healthy grains; a pot of quinoa made on a Sunday afternoon can help feed the family all week long.

If you want to eat out, the Great Sage restaurant, owned by the Roots folks, is one of the healthiest options around. Don’t be deterred by the all-vegan menu – the restaurant has won awards for its delicious dishes and often hosts special events to educate the public about animal rights and eating less meat.

plan_meals_barkAnd healthy eating doesn’t have to stop at the humans in your household. Bark! is located next to the new Boulder men’s clothing store at Conscious Corner, and stocks organic and natural pet foods and supplies.

Roots Market, Great Sage restaurant, and Bark!, Clarksville Square.

Finding the time to cook healthy meals – whether you live alone or with a brood – can be challenging. Let’s Dish! may be a solution.

Schedule a session at the Oakland Mills storefront to plan your menus and assemble meal kits based on the needs of your family. Each station in the store proffers ingredients for a specific meal, so you can tailor dishes to your tastes. Prefer a little less curry in the Coconut Curry Rice with Shrimp? It’s your call. Measuring cups, bowls – and even friendly staff – help you get it right.

If you’re pressed for time, use the Dish-n-Dash system, to place an order online for the Let’s Dish! staff to prepare. The store also has a selection of ready-mplan_meals_great_sageade entrees in a freezer case for last-minute meals, as well as a DishDelivery option.

Dining out, whether it’s for pleasure, or because you’ve run out of options, often poses challenges to those trying to eat healthy. Healthy Howard is collaborating with area restaurants to make sure that healthy meals are available on their menus. Along with offering specific menu items, an entire restaurant can become a Healthy Howard establishment by meeting such standards as assuring that all menu items are trans-fat free and displaying Healthy Howard materials.

Find a list of Healthy Howard restaurants and menu items at

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