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Create a nurturing space you won’t want to leave

By April Force Pardoe

We all love a day at the spa, but when it comes to self-care, it’s just as important to relax in a soothing space in your own home. As the weather gets warmer, why not designate a nook on your patio or porch that serves your needs, reflects your style and begs you to stay for a while and enjoy the season?

As in all design undertakings, the first step is to determine what you want to do in your nook. Will you want a comfortable chair for reading? A chaise for listening to music while watching the birds? A table and chair for painting, or maybe a chic recliner so you can catch up on that Netflix series on your tablet? Create a space that pleases you. (No judgment on the Netflix binging.)

You may be able to transform a corner of your porch with items on hand or that are easily available from local retailers. Here are a few things to consider including:

Comfortable seating If you already have a favorite chair that’s a great start! Need a footstool or ottoman? You can likely find one in a local store to complete the space.

Table You’ll want a small side table for books, art supplies, a journal, portable speaker and a beverage. If the table is large enough, why not place a favorite framed photograph on it?

Scent I love to have a favorite candle lit when I’m relaxing or working. Consider a candle, oil or wax melter•or even incense. 

Flowers Add a bud vase with a pretty flower or a small arrangement to make your space extra special. 

Lighting Make sure the lighting is both functional and soothing. If your porch has a center overhead light, add a table lamp or floor lamp to light your tasks. 

Texture Add a few soft down pillows or something firm if you need back support. Use an outdoor-friendly fabric like Sunbrella. This is an easy find in a local store and will make a big impact. A soft throw blanket will enhance the space, especially on chilly nights. 

Art If you have a wall where you can hang art, consider something that can weather the climate. Otherwise, consider a small accessory or two placed on a nearby table. 

April Force Pardoe, AKBD, is an award-winning residential interior designer and owner of April Force Pardoe Interiors. She works with clients who desire stylish interiors but are overwhelmed by the process and too busy to take it on themselves. She presents solutions to her clients’ design challenges and makes sure all of the details are taken care of so they can spend time doing the things they love. Find out more at

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