A girlfriend getaway is like five birthdays at once STORY BY Martha Thomas September/October 2017 Wisps of morning mist still hovered around the masts in the harbor as we made our way toward breakfast. Beyond the bright still-shuttered shops, past the boats parked along the canal known as Ego Alley... Read more →


A hop to the north feels like a world away. STORY BY Martha Thomas June/July 2017 Most Marylanders I know take the Bay Bridge to the Eastern Shore, winging nearly 200 feet above the frothy blue water dotted with sails—or more likely, inching along in traffic with a view only... Read more →


TIRES If you have a front wheel drive car, you always want the better tires up front. In an all-wheel drive, if the tread varies, it could potentially damage the all-wheel drive in the car. It’s important to make sure that not only tire treads are in good shape, but... Read more →


A JAUNT ACROSS THE BAY BRIDGE CAN FEEL LIKE A WORLD AWAY SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 By Martha Thomas When all is said and done, what seemed most amazing about Talbot County is how close it is. I’ve been to the Eastern Shore several times since moving to Maryland more than a decade ago,... Read more →


There’s plenty to see on a trip north – all the way to Harford County Story By Libby Zay JUNE/JULY 2016 With nearby day trip competitors like Annapolis, Frederick and Washington, D.C., it could be easy to overlook Harford County. The area might not be on everyone’s travel list, but... Read more →

Take A Hike

STORY BY ANNE HADDAD MARCH/APRIL 2016 Experienced hikers in Maryland know how easy it is to reach one of the country’s most iconic trails – whether they carry all of their gear and camp on the trail, or just pack a lunch and pull on sneakers for a leisurely day... Read more →

Creature Feature

WHAT DO WOMEN WANT? STORY / REVIEWS BY Martha Thomas NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 I just barely remember my first cup holder. It was probably in a Volvo I was test-driving for the New York Daily News back when I wrote for the paper’s automotive supplements. Enthusiasts – the type whose criteria... Read more →

Serenity On the Shore

An art-filled weekend in Chestertown is a mix of relaxation and activity STORY BY Halima Aziza SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2015 My trips over the long and narrow Chesapeake Bay Bridge come far and few between, not uncommon for one whose center of gravity lies somewhere inside the Baltimore-Washington corridor. I’ve called... Read more →

Chestertown Events

September and October Events SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2015 Chestertown Farmers’ and Artists’ Market Every Saturday , 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Fountain Park in the center of town KidSPOT Children’s Creativity Center Every Saturday, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Open every Saturday free of charge to kids accompanied by an... Read more →


WHY YOUR NEXT JOURNEY SHOULD BE TO SOUTHERN MARYLAND STORY BY Holly Smith Take a trip to another world – one rich in history, natural beauty, culture and inventive cuisine – all without leaving the state. In fact, you won’t even have to cross the Bay Bridge. Your destination: Southern... Read more →


Selfies, manicures and Sunday brunch in the nation’s capital. STORY BY Shannon Morgan My sister, Kristin, and I pose for a photo in front of the White House. We’ve taken several photos already to commemorate this trip to Washington, D.C. It’s the first time in a long time that we’ve... Read more →


A SURPRISING, STRESS FREE STAYCATION, HOWARD COUNTY STYLE STORY BY Elizabeth Heubeck When planning a vacation, most of us look for a blend of relaxation and exploration. It’s fun to learn about a new place. But it’s also important to keep stress at a minimum. How many times have you... Read more →


HOW MEMORIES OF A CHILDHOOD SANCTUARY LED TO A GROWN-UP BUSINESS HOUSE OF THE SPIRITED STORY BY Martha Thomas   PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung Cynthia Lynn started her first business when she was in third grade. The family lived in Germany at the time, and Lynn operated a lending library... Read more →


HOW SINGLE PARENTS CAN ACTUALLY RELAX ON FAMILY TRIPS STORY BY Michele Wojciechowski Family vacations are meant to be fun — but that means fun for the whole family, including mom. For a single mother, it may be tough to find exactly what will please the whole family while not breaking... Read more →


DON’T WORRY, KNIT HAPPY  A WOMEN’S RETREAT OFFERS CAMARADERIE AND NEEDLEWORK   STORY BY Martha Thomas    PHOTOS BY Marina Gan Knitting with like-minded women makes for the perfect weekend. Oh, and there’s yoga too. “I know, right?”  That’s what I told my friends, who looked at me with stunned appreciation when... Read more →


A WALKING TOUR OF THE CITY’S ART AND GARDENS STORY BY Martha Thomas It might seem unpatriotic – if not downright heretical, especially in an election year – to suggest we forget Liberty for a while, that we relegate the Declaration of Independence and its worthy authors to the sidelines.... Read more →


THERE’S LOTS TO DO OUTDOORS IN HOWARD COUNTY. BUT WHO’S COUNTING? STORY BY Angela Dale Summer has arrived in Howard County, and that means summer menus, summer venues and plenty to pursue under the sun and stars. So after you’ve worked up an appetite cracking your share of steamed crabs (Chesapeake... Read more →