WELLNESS | learning something new

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” –Leonardo da Vinci

By Cynthia Daniels

June/July 2017

What is it about learning something new that is so soul-nourishing? Experts say learning a new language, dance or anything that you haven’t done before can enhance your life in extremely positive ways. “It’s actually a core for psychological well-being. Learning can help up build self-confidence and a sense of self efficacy. It can also be a way of connecting with others, too”, says Vanessa King, positive psychology expert at Action for Happiness.

Evidence suggests that adult learning seems to have the most positive impact on self-esteem when it meets the needs of the learner, and when the learner is ready and receptive to benefit from it. Studies indicate that positive effects of education on happiness and well-being result from a variety of processes that may include health behaviors, emotional resilience, social capabilities, and better physical health. If you’re ready to learn something new in a positive and calm environment, Reiki is a wonderful tool for helping yourself and others. Cynthia Daniels is a Registered Karuna/HolyFire® Usui Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner offering thorough and comprehensive training in all Levels of Reiki, including Levels l, ll, Advanced Reiki Training, and Master classes. Upon completion of the Level ll class, you will be certified to give Reiki treatments as a Practitioner.

Please visit www.peacefulsoulreiki.com or call 443-315-6473 for more information on classes

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