There is No Better Time for Self Care

By Nirit Roddy, Founder of Fit With Nirit


There is nothing like an international pandemic to show us how truly important our health is and how crucial it is to do our best when it comes to our physical and mental well-being. When it comes to getting in shape, it is key to find something you can stick with that works for you both physically and mentally.

Most entrepreneurial women work 10-12-hour days and are constantly putting out fires in both their business and in their home – often at the expense of their physical and mental health, not making time for proper rest, and not making good exercise and food choices.

Women are often afraid to try new eating, sleeping, and exercise routines because they are afraid of not meeting all their other demands. But the truth is that self-care does not require making drastic changes or completely changing your entire life. You don’t have to exercise intensely for an hour daily to get in shape. You don’t have to eat clean in order to be healthy! In fact, as a certified nutritionist, I can tell you that this is incredibly unhealthy for you on a mental, physical, and emotional level.

So, what does a busy, over-taxed, self-aware professional woman do?

Start implementing these 5 steps right away:

  1. Start eating 3 meals a day. Try to incorporate protein and healthy carbohydrates is each meal. Do not deprive yourself of any foods: just monitor your portions.
  2. Incorporate 20 minutes of exercise daily. Take a walk a couple days a week. If you are over 40 start lifting light weights to prevent osteoporosis. Try online workouts.
  3. Drink water!  Try to drink at least 8 cups of water a day. If water isn’t your favorite thing, consider tea without sugar or add some flavor into your water.  Water is the # 1 nutrient when it comes to your health and weight loss.
  4. Get support and share your goal with others. Working women need one another. Their tribe is so important to them. Tell your friends that you are trying to improve your physical and mental health and ask your family and friends for their support.
  5. Get an accountability coach. All these steps are fantastic but if you are like most people you can’t do it all on your own. There are so many women coaches out there that would love to support you. Find an experienced expert that you trust and ask for help.

As women leaders we are role models to our colleagues and our children. We need to model self-care as a huge priority. Now is always the best time to start.

Nirit Roddy is the founder of Fit With Nirit an online fitness and nutrition program that works WITHOUT dieting or going to the gym. Her mission is to help women regain their power by unapologetically putting themselves first. Her amazing energy can be found at and on Facebook as fitwithnirit llc

In 12 weeks, I help women reshape their bodies and feel amazingly confident in their clothes without dieting or killing themselves in the gym.

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