Living that KonMari Life

Its seems like everyone is taking a page out of Marie Kondo’s book and “Kon-Mari-ing” their lives with Netflix’s Tidying Up series. I have not made my way through all of the episodes because I have become too inspired and I am in the process of “tidying up” my own home and life. Here is the foolproof guide to a more organized life with less clutter.

1. Tidying Up Categories

Rather than going room by room in your house, Kondo goes in a certain order by item.
Her order is as follows:

– Clothes
– Books
– Paper
– KOMONO (Kitchen, Bath, Garage and Misc.)
– Sentimental Items

2. Thank your Home

Not only does Marie Kondo think it is important to thank all items that you are getting rid of, but to also take the time to thank your home. She suggests that you thank your home for protecting you and your loved ones and always providing shelter. I may not kneel and close my eyes like she does, but it does make me appreciate what I do have.

3. Does it Spark Joy?

It sounds silly when looking at a book, sweater or pair of flip flops and asking yourself if it sparks joy. However, if you think about it for a while then the answer might be clear…see ya later sweater!

For all of the items you decide to trash or donate, Marie says it is important to thank that item for fulfilling its purpose. It feels silly the first couple times, but after a while it really makes you appreciate your belongings which I think we do very little of in this day and age.

4. Don’t Pile or Stack Items, Line them Vertically

In the art of tidying up, Kondo feels it is very important to see everything that you have. Clear containers are a must and when folding your clothes she has a very specific way to do it so your items are able to stand on their side and you are more so filing your clothes rather than storing them and are able to see everything that you have.

5. Everything has its Place

All of your items should have their own designated space. Baskets, containers and labels help make this happen. This comes in very handy in higher traffic areas like entryways.

I am still a work in progress.  I have been able to get rid of many items, especially clothing. While purging and organizing feels amazing, it is hard to not focus on how much we have, collect and take for granted. So I invite all of you in 2019 to go deeper than just organizing your knickknacks and use this as a way to be thankful for all that you do have.


Blog by: Katie Fields

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