How to Practice Self Care on a Budget

During this stressful period, taking the time off to practice some self-care is more important than ever. While most people tend to associate this term with face masks, online shopping, or treating yourself to a vacation, it’s actually much more comprehensive than that. As we previously discussed, self-care can be done on a daily basis in terms of improving your emotional, mental, and physical health. The good news is that self-care doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank — you can be financially responsible while taking care of your needs at the same time.

Find your own form of meditation
When you think of meditation, some people think that it’s too difficult to do or takes up too much time. However, it can actually be an energizing and relatively short process. For beginners, you don’t even need to sit in the iconic cross-legged Buddha position to get started. Finding a comfortable way to sit in the morning and just taking the time to breathe for 10 minutes or so can work wonders. Taking long, deep breaths instead of short shallow ones can gradually improve your attention span and reduce stress.

Try some creative budgeting strategies
During this time, it can be a challenge to save money. The temptation of doing some online shopping and taking advantage of sales when you’re stuck at home can be difficult to counter. However, if you feel like your spending is out of control and you need to take a step back, it’s time to take action. This involves budgeting tactics like keeping a money journal and logging all of your expenses, no matter how small so that you have a realistic view of your spending. Using an app can also help you identify which areas you need to cut down on, or where you tend to slip up.

Challenge yourself and learn something new
If there’s a hobby that you miss doing from your childhood or something you’ve always wanted to try, now’s your chance to do so. There are many online classes that you can access for free to improve your skills. Check out your local yoga studio or fitness gym for remote sessions you can work into your schedule. Taking a group fitness class can give your day some sense of structure and while boosting your sense of community. Alternatively, creating some art with YouTube tutorials or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen are some other great options.

Take a virtual tour online online
If you’re feeling trapped and uninspired in the confines of your home, taking a virtual trip online can be a great way to soothe your soul. During the pandemic, many major museums, galleries, and cultural destinations are offering free tours to online visitors to make you feel like you’re there in real life. You can choose to visit a selection of the Guggenheim’s famous Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works, or even tour the opulent Palace of Versailles in France. All you need is a working internet connection and a willingness to explore.

By taking time out of your day to address your needs, you’ll be able to bring some balance back into your day-to-day life. Finding peace during this difficult situation may be a struggle, but no matter how busy you might be, finding an outlet to release some of that stress can contribute to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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By: Regina Joann

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