How to Brighten Up Your Spring

by April Force Pardoe

Spring is such a happy time of renewal. Trees and plants all come to life and the warmer weather has us opening windows and enjoying the breeze. After months spent snuggling up with books, blankets and fuzzy socks, we can embrace spring as an opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air to our homes. Here are a few ways to renew your decor for spring.

INTRODUCE A LIGHTER AND BRIGHTER COLOR PALETTE USING ACCESSORIES AND PILLOWS. Freshen up the color for the warmer seasons by identifying a new hue that works well with your main furnishings. Find pillows and accessories to bring it in. Replacing just a few items can make a room feel quite different.

SWAP OUT DARK LAMP SHADES TO A LIGHTER COLOR SHADE. Think lighter and brighter for your home this season. If you have dark lamp shades it’s time to replace them with white or soft white to lighten things up. This small change can make a big impact because your lamp shades are in your line of sight.

REPLACE HEAVY DRAPES WITH LINEN SHEERS. If you have heavy drapes in your home consider switching them out for the season with lighter linen sheers to lighten up the room. This is also another place where you can bring in a new color to complement any other new accessories.

RE-ARRANGE YOUR SEATING. Nothing refreshes a space more than a new furniture arrangement. If there are other ways to arrange a few rooms in your home this is a great way to renew your home for the season. Even swapping chairs from one room to another can make for a nice update.

NEW WELCOME MAT AND MAILBOX. For an easy outside update consider a new welcome mat and mailbox if yours suffered through a tough winter. Apply the same guidelines here—lighter and fresh for the season. Go ahead and have some fun with the welcome mat!

April Force Pardoe, AKBD, is an award-winning residential interior designer and owner of April Force Pardoe Interiors. She works with clients who desire stylish interiors but are overwhelmed by the process and too busy to take it on themselves. She presents solutions to her clients’ design challenges and makes sure all of the details are taken care of so they can spend time doing the things they love. Find out more at

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