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They grow up so fast. Magazines, that is. Still, it’s hard to believe that “Her Mind” will happy-birthday-hermindblow out five candles on its cake this year. And to think it all started with a visitor’s guide.

“Our first publication was “Ellicott City and Beyond,” says Beth Ditman, co-president with Dorothy Doub of Columbia-based Custom Media Options, publisher of “Her Mind.” “In it, we featured four women entrepreneurs. We received such positive feedback that we knew there was an untapped niche in our own back yard.”
Since then, “Her Mind” has continued filling that niche with stories trumpeting the region’s amazing women, from glass-ceiling-shattering CEOs and financiers to artists, philanthropists and athletes. The magazine’s enduring success has left Ditman and Doub both happy and humbled.

“Even after five years, we are continually shocked by the sheer number of daily compliments we receive,” Doub says. “It motivates us to do better and keep on going.”

Her Mind Magazine

The publication has become a beloved resource for women in Howard County. We report on the accomplishments, the celebrations and the challenges that Howard County women are involved with every day. And our advertisers serve as a go-to for information on everything from healthcare to business advice to your next night on the town. Thanks to our vibrant community, the magazine grows stronger every year.

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