Eyelash Extensions

The Gateway Drug to a More Efficient Morning Routine


If you ask every woman you know what her day-to-day routine looks like, chances are you won’t find two that are the same. But chances are also that each woman’s routine includes some form of putting her face “on” at the beginning of the day, and then taking it “off” at the end. How much time do you think you spend on this process each day? What would you do with that time if you could get it back?

Enter: permanent cosmetics

The permanent cosmetic process involves inserting pigment into the skin with a very small hand tool. No tattoo gun, here! But for many women, the lack of electronic device doesn’t make it any less intimidating. Sometimes it’s not the actual process of tattooing that’s unnerving. It’s the unknown of what could happen afterward that makes us think twice.

Is it going to be there forever? What will it look like in a year? What happens if it’s too bold? Will I have to cover it up with makeup? Will it be worth it?

I get it. This is your face we are talking about here. These (and many more) are serious questions you should have answered before you allow anyone to tattoo you. But even having these answers, most women need time to warm up to the idea before diving head-first into microblading or eyeliner tattoos.

This is why many clients start with eyelash extensions. In fact, many of my microblading clients didn’t even have permanent cosmetics on their radar until after they came in for their first lash appointment.

Lash extensions provide the same routine-simplifying benefits as permanent cosmetics, without the commitment. They allow you to dip your toe into the waters to see if this is the right pool for you! Plus, they give you time to get to know and trust us.

Eyelash extensions are literally that – an extension of an individual lash. Our lash artists isolate a single lash at a time and glue a longer, usually synthetic, lash onto it. The glue sits close to, but not directly on, the eyelid. Options for lashes vary by length, curl, volume, and color. This means that each client gets a customized look to fit their needs.

A classic set is a simple, 1:1 ratio of natural lashes to extensions, which adds both length and curl to what’s already there. One eyelash gets one extension. For clients who prefer a little more oomph, we can do a combination of single extensions and three “pronged” extensions. As you can imagine, this creates extra volume in addition to length and curl. This is called a semi-volume application. For those who want to go the super-luxurious route, we also offer natural mink lashes. These are the softest extension product available and feel very similar to your natural lash. Mink extensions are available in the classic, 1:1 application.

Because our extensions are glued to the lash instead of the skin, there is no uncomfortable pulling or tugging. When your lash naturally falls out, the extension goes with it. On average, we shed 2-3 lashes per day, so just like we update our manicures as our nails grow out, so do we update our lashes. To keep lashes looking fresh and full, I recommend a lash fill-in every two to three weeks. The duration and cost of a fill appointment varies by how many extensions need to be replaced. For this reason, more frequent fill-ins cost less money and require less time.

So, now that you know all about lash extensions, why do I call them the Gateway Drug? Because so often my clients fall in love with the simplicity lash extensions bring to their daily routines.  No mascara, no eyelash curler, no makeup remover, no raccoon eyes. Once they experience the benefit of their new, simpler routine, they begin to wonder about ways to take it a step further. If mornings can be made so much simpler by adding lash extensions, what could they be like without having to fill-in brows or draw on eyeliner??

Simplifying your morning routine can impact your entire day, but that’s just the time management side of things. So many of my clients have commented on how much more confident they feel when they have their lashes “done.” They feel brighter, more youthful, and ready to conquer the world the moment their feet hit the floor in the morning.

I don’t know about you, but saving time, looking great, and feeling confident is how I’d like to start each and every one of my days!

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–Ashley Goldston, Owner of Indelli•Belle

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