Every so often, I invite a group of Howard County women to a sort of ad hoc editorial brainstorming meeting. We discuss stories we’d like to see, interesting women we’ve encountered, trends in fashion and food.

Over wine at the Iron Bridge a few months back, someone brought up the idea of an issue about girls. Okay, it wasn’t hard to find girls in Howard County doing remarkable things; I’m sure the Spring issue, out this week, only scratches the surface.

Guess what, mothers of adolescent girls? Your daughters really do admire you!

After our Girl Scout roundtable, Danita Terry, of the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland noted: “I was struck by the important roles their mothers play in their lives and that each of them considered their mother a role model.”

Check out our Spring issue. It’s got a bright pink cover featuring mothers and their daughters. And the girls picked out the clothes!


Martha Thomas
Editor, Her Mind

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