Making Your Dollar Count in Small Business Advertising

Why hyperlocal publications are the way to go


When you’re a small business owner, every penny counts, especially when it comes to advertising. According to Caron Beesley, a frequent blogger for the U.S. Small Business Administration, companies earning less than $5 million in revenue should allocate 7 to 8 percent of that revenue, and maybe more, to marketing strategies. Promotion professionals, operating on an ideal budget, frequently advocate for a mixed media cocktail of print, online, television, and radio ads, hoping to strike gold by targeting consumers from all sides. But does that approach truly work? And which is the best option for a modest financial plan?  The answer is more traditional than you might think.

Several studies have shown that print media advertising still comes out on top in terms of a retailer’s return on investment (ROI). Specifically magazines, with their niche audiences, are most likely to influence consumers.  Nielsen, the notable information measurement company, advises in one of its insight reports that magazines are key to maximizing both short-term and long-term ROI. Online advertising alone, though effective in the short-term, provides little to no long-term success in reaching a target group of people.  Elements such as brand loyalty are formed in the long-term, and an important part of keeping a small business afloat.

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) declares that a consumer’s intent to purchase increases by 25 percent when they are exposed to a magazine advertisement in addition to another form of media.  Furthermore, more than 50 percent of magazine readers, who also use social media, are shown to follow and interact with a magazine on Twitter.  47 percent of magazine readers also post magazine articles to Facebook, according to MPA sources, and magazines trigger the most online searches about a product or service.

Local advertising, particularly when it comes to online searches, is also growing. Significantly, Google has tried to improve its capabilities as a local advertiser in recent years.   According to Google research, “consumers who conduct local searches are further down the purchase funnel. Within a day of a local search, 34 percent of consumers who sought local information on their computer or tablet made their way to a store, and of those who used a smartphone, the number is even higher at 50 percent.” As an example, if a niche hyperlocal magazine, such as Her Mind, compels a reader to look further into a product via search, chances are high that they will make a purchase.  Many companies are navigating their way over to the local search market because they understand this concept.  In fact, brands have grown to expect that they will see a higher ROI when they “go local,” according to Street Fight.

When these advertisements are additionally narrowed down to a female audience, the money comes rolling in, as women control more than 80 percent of a household’s spending. Women are more likely to be informed about the products they are seeking, including those concerning food, health and wellness, and their families, three popular topics that Her Mind magazine connects its readers to. Just check out these testimonials! Her Mind is key to linking local businesses with powerful women in Howard County, and vice versa. Furthermore, Her Mind provides more than just a print advertisement influence, as research shows its digital and social media audiences will follow suit.

If you’re looking to guarantee a high ROI on your marketing investment in Howard County, look no further than Her Mind magazine. We’ve got everything you need to succeed! Visit our media kit or contact us for more information.

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