Thanks to the Food Network, Top Chef, and blogs too numerous to count, folks of all stripes can claim foodie cred, a phenomenon that should make your holiday shopping easy as pie. When it comes to personalities in the kitchen, however, it takes all types, leaving the conscientious gift-giver in a pickle. We’ve put together some suggestions for all the quirky folks on your list: from Star Wars accessories for the geek in your life to eco-friendly plates and cutting boards. Live it up!


*Bamboo crumb board: Let this board take care of the crumbs, giving you more time to take care of that crummy fruitcake from your sister-in-law ($45, Sur la Table, Annapolis Towne Centre)*Carnaval cheese tools: Be the perfect hostess – anywhere you go – with this travel-friendly cheese board and tool set ($25, Su Casa, Ellicott City) *Key-sHer Mind Winter Issue- KITCHEN GOODIEShaped bottle opener: Upgrade the Bud Light keychain attachment from your husband’s college days ($7.95, Sur la Table, Annapolis Towne Centre) *You’re So Invited: If you’re so over Martha Stewart, try these trendy tips from a new perspective ($30, Barnes and Noble, Ellicott City) *Martha’s Entertaining: Or give her another chance. You won’t be disappointed by the diva of DIY’s encyclopedia of entertaining ($75, Barnes and Noble, Ellicott City)*La Tour Eiffel apron and oven mitt: Look the part while serving escargots to your favorite peeps ($35 and $13, Sur la Table, Annapolis Towne Centre).



*EcoSmart recycled cutting boards: Made from 100% recycled food-grade plastic ($20, Sur la Table, Annapolis Towne Centre)*Bambu cutting board: Sustainable slicing at its best ($30, Sur la Table, Annapolis Towne Centre)*The Homemade Pantry: Your kitchen can do anything the grocery store can do, only better. Learn how to make your own ketchup, granola, mayo – even Pop-tarts! ($25, Barnes & Noble, Ellicott City)*Rob Ryan “Other Planets” and blue eco-plates: These decorative plates declare your love for Mother Earth with class and style ($9.50-$22.50, Sweet Elizabeth Jane, Ellicott City)*Recycled silverware hooks: Hang your fedora on a fork, your scarf on a spoon, and … your knickers on a knife? ($2 each, Sweet Elizabeth Jane, Historic Ellicott City).



Her Mind Winter Issue- KITCHEN GOODIES*Star Wars pancake molds (also above right): Make breakfast extra tasty. You can, young Cakeflipper ($19.95, Williams-Sonoma, The Mall in Columbia)*Star Wars cookbook: You too can make Wookie Cookies, Yoda Soda, and Darth Malts ($18.99, Barnes & Noble, Ellicott City)*Star Wars cookie cutters: Thanks to spring-loaded action, these cookie cutters require minimal “Force” ($19.95, Williams- Sonoma, The Mall in Columbia)*Star Trek pizza cutter: Your pizza has never been this “Enterprising” before ($30, ThinkGeek.com)*Chocolator: Make calorie counting both fun and torturous with this whimsical instrument that will help with your figure(s) ($8, Su Casa, Historic Ellicott City)*Robot tea infuser: Kick up your robo-rooibos with this handy little guy ($12, Su Casa, Historic Ellicott City)*Food iPhone cover: Warning: People may want to take a bite out of your phone ($12 each, Su Casa, Historic Ellicott City)



*Whisky stones: Add a chill to your high-proof whiskies without watering them down ($19.95, Sweet Elizabeth Jane, Ellicott City) *Oxford Companion to Beer: Your holidays will be extra “hoppy” with this fantastic read ($65, Barnes & Noble, Ellicott City) *Corkcicle: Protect the flavor of your pricey chardonnay while keeping it cool ($25, Su Casa, Historic Ellicott City) *Reclaimed wine barrel server: perfect for a wine and cheese soiree ($58, Sweet Elizabeth Jane, Historic Ellicott City) *Atlas 180 Pasta Maker: Spaghetti and linguine and ravioli, oh my! You’ll never go back to dried pasta again ($99.95, Sur la Table, Annapolis Towne Centre) *Boos Block Cream/Oil: A bit of Boos’ goos keeps your wood cutting board like new ($8 each, Sur la Table, Annapolis Towne Centre) *Cook’s Illustrated cookbook: You can never go wrong with one of the 2,000 recipes collected from the classic magazine, known for its vigorous testing ($40, Barnes & Noble, Ellicott City)*

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