Three Ways to Transform Your Cabinets

By April Force Pardoe

September/October 2017

Are your kitchen or bath cabinets outdated or worn out? Or, are you ready to switch things up a bit in the way you store things in these spaces? Cabinetry is a large expense in a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but there is more than one option to consider when it comes to updating your cabinetry.

Here are the pros and cons of three approaches to updating your cabinets.

Buying new cabinets is a good option if you’re redesigning your space and would like to overhaul your storage as well as the look.

Pros: You can redesign the space to your personal specifications, add updates to cabinet interiors and improve quality.

Cons: This is the most expensive option and takes the most time to complete. Expect a big disruption to your life and access to your kitchen or bath.

Using a sprayed lacquer paint for a new look is a great option if your cabinets are in good shape and you like the current configuration. I work with decorative artist Deanne Lenehan, of Lenehan Studios, for my clients’ cabinets. Here are her thoughts about the process:

Pros: Spray painting allows you to choose a custom finish and color. Lacquer paint, the go-to coating for professional cabinet companies is highly durable, dries quickly and is the least expensive option

Cons: Painting obviously won’t change the layout of space or the overall style of the cabinet doors. The onsite work takes about one week, with the total project time about two to three weeks. The fumes are unpleasant so ideally you will have this completed while you are away from your home.

This option involves switching out the doors and re-covering the exposed frames.

Pros: Purchasing new cabinet doors can update the door style and quality in a short time and with little mess and disruption.

Cons: You are limited by styles and finishes supplied by the manufacturer of your original cabinets.

When considering a remodeling project that includes updated cabinetry, think about how you want your space to function. If it isn’t working for you, consider a new layout with new cabinetry. If the current layout works well, the cabinets are in good shape and you like the door style, re-facing or professionally painting the cabinets may be worth considering. New hardware can also give your cabinetry a new look.

April Force Pardoe, AKBD, is an award-winning residential interior designer and owner of April Force Pardoe Interiors. She works with clients who desire stylish interiors but are overwhelmed by the process and too busy to take it on themselves. She presents solutions to her clients’ design challenges and makes sure all of the details are taken care of so they can spend time doing the things they love. Find out more at

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