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Did you know that hula hooping can burn seven calories per minute? It’s good for your heart and provides an intense workout for your core. Strap on
a pair of roller skates or blades and burn up to 300-800 calories an hour, depending on your speed and skill. An hour-long barre class can work off 300-600 calories even as it lengthens and strengthens your body. Working out needn’t be a chore. Here are some suggestions for infusing fun into your exercise routine by saying goodbye to the humdrum workout.

* The Urban Rebounder provides a fun low-impact TRAMPOLINE cardio workout. $99, online purchase only. urbanrebounding.com






* AntiGravityTM HAMMOCK techniques are a combination of Pilates, dance, yoga and aerial arts, $295. fun_and_games6antigravityfitness.com. For information about Lola Manekin’s classes, niabaltimore.com or Facebook/ Antigravity Fitness in Baltimore * Adult beginner TAP SHOES: Embrace your inner Shirley Temple with this fun style of dance that can increase cardio conditioning, strength and flexibility, $15.75. discountdance.com * Speedminton S65 BADMINTON SET: Get you Serena on, and improve your overall health, $49.99. amazon.com






fun_and_games8*Cardiff premium three-wheel SKATES designed to provide a more balanced and stable experience. Rid e them to work or running errands, while getting a complete aerobic workout, $159. Brookstone, The Mall in Columbia, brookstone.com *Discraft SPORT DISCS: Discraft Ultra Star discs, $8.99-$15.89. Chasing a disc is great interval training. All can be purchased at amazon.com *A HULA HOOP is great for core exercise. Medium hoop $20, thick hoop $40. baltimorehooplove.com




fun_and_games7fun_and_games14*Inflatable Tower PADDLE BOARD Adventurer. Paddle boarding is an intense workout that utilizes balance and strength, $594. amazon.com * Wii Fit with BALANCE BOARDcan provide a series of workouts involving diverse activities, $168.45. amazon.com * Wii Fit 7-in 1 EXERCISE KIT has resistance bands, yoga mat and speedometer to keep your workout interesting, $23.99. amazon.com * The Ballet Barre: Always wanted a dancer’s body? The FLUIDITY BARRE helps to burn calories while strengthening and helping with correct alignment, $399.50. fluidity.com *

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