Don’t Wait Too Long!!!

By Donna Snyder, Director of Sales

Many active adults wait too long to make a move to a community that has the resources on campus to take care of the what ifs that life serves up.

Below are some questions and answers that make you think about the subject.

What are the reasons people choose NOT TO MOVE to a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community)?
“I’m not ready.”
“I don’t want to live with all those old people.”
“I don’t want to give up my independence, my home, my stuff.”
“I can’t bear the thought of cleaning out the closets, attic, and the garage.”
“I can’t afford it.”
“I don’t want to live in an institutional setting.”

“The wide range of amenities and activities here is truly remarkable. And best of all, my children don’t have to worry about me – ever.”

What are the reasons people DO CHOOSE to move to a retirement community?
The lifestyle.
The availability of future healthcare if ever needed.
The availability of services such as dining, housekeeping, maintenance, grounds keeping, and healthcare.
The opportunity for fellowship, friendships, and camaraderie.
The desire to relieve children and family members from the burden of care or decision-making.
The presence of amenities such as a fitness center, library, aquatics programs, lifelong learning, educational, cultural, and spiritual programs.
The personal freedom that comes from not being burdened with home ownership.
The opportunities for continued personal growth.
The convenience of on-site support services.

Benefits of a CCRC
Assurance: Future care for yourself and your spouse in an on-site, high quality professional health center.
Financial Protection: Options to protect your assets from the potentially catastrophic costs of long-term care.
Control: You determine where you will receive care and who will be providing the care.
Availability: Priority access to multiple levels of care, amenities and services on-site in a residential setting.
Confidence: Both you and your family will know that quality care is available when, and if, needed.

Learn more about CCRC’s and making the transition. The Lutheran Village at Miller’s Grant, a local CCRC, can help.

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