Curating Your Entryway Clutter

By April Force Pardoe

It’s the time of year when we switch from flip flops and sunscreen to coats, boots and hats. Fall is lovely, but it reintroduces the challenge of keeping all those daily necessities orderly but within reach. Here are a few ideas to help you to beautifully manage your entry clutter.

Console table

Consider adding a console table to your entry to keep your small belongings in one easy-to-find location, rather than haphazardly scattered throughout your home. Find a piece with drawer space for your keys, gloves, a spare lipstick and other grab-and-go items. If the narrow table has space beneath, use it for baskets or bins for boots and shoes. A console table is also a nice place to display a vase, a pretty lamp, framed photos or other accessories.  

Closet system

If your coat closet is a frightening jumble, consider a customized closet system from a company like Closetmaid, California Closets, or better, local Chesapeake Closets. Consider revamping from a

Entryway at the home of Melissa Carstensen, art director for Her Mind.

space with a solitary bar for hangers to one that is outfitted with shelves, racks and hooks to hold all manner of outdoor gear. Shelves give you space for bins or baskets for loose items like umbrellas, scarves and hats, while a shoe rack on the floor can take care of boots. Take advantage of your door’s vertical space by mounting hooks for handbags or shoe organizers. Add proper lighting and your closet will be navigable storage space.


If you have the space, built-ins are an excellent option for adding functional storage in your entryway. Perhaps you can steal space from under the stairs? Converting under-stair storage is definitely a job for a professional, but imagine the sizable real estate you stand to gain from this investment. Stop tripping over shoes and backpacks by keeping the clutter under your staircase.

Add the pretty

When devising functional storage in your small entryway, don’t sacrifice style. Your foyer is where you greet your guests and it creates a first impression of your home. Take the time to find elements, whether a console table, a hall rack or storage for bins that match your home’s aesthetic. Ideally, your entryway will seamlessly blend with the adjacent spaces. A pretty lamp on a table, a favorite accessory or an antique mirror on the wall will go a long way toward replacing clutter with a soothing welcome.

April Force Pardoe, AKBD, is an award-winning residential interior designer and owner of April Force Pardoe Interiors. She works with clients who desire stylish interiors but are overwhelmed by the process and too busy to take it on themselves. She presents solutions to her clients’ design challenges and makes sure all of the details are taken care of so they can spend time doing the things they love. Find out more at

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