"I just want to say thank you for publishing such a wonderful magazine. I read articles, and even whole issues, I identify with completely. It's beautifully produced and written, and I've been thinking of emailing you for a long time. With the new year, I thought I should just do it. I'm a freelance medical writer in Woodbine. I went back to school at 43 and received an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction and am shopping around my first novel. Your issue about going back to school and starting a new profession in one's later years really hit home, and I laughed all the way through it. It's good to know I'm not alone in trying new things as I age. Here's to many more years of us all doing what we love to do!"

Jennifer Della'Zanna   

"Hi Pam and Beth, I just wanted to thank you so much for the article in Her Mind Magazine! What an honor to be placed in this awesome magazine! You both rock!! I know you work very hard with this magazine, but you are making a difference in people's lives!

Is there any way I could get a bundle to place in my office and other places?
Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Blessings to both of you!!"

Brenda von Rautenkranz    vR Equine Growth and Learning Center   

“Her Mind is AWESOME!! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the issue and we look forward to continuing our ad page with you. You have taken the magazine to a whole new level!”

Kate Kuhn    Environmental Systems Associates, Inc   

“Her Mind, formerly Woman to Woman, brings such a refreshing view to women in the community and topics that are important to us. I also appreciate that the magazine supports and recognizes women owned businesses in Howard County. As an owner of one of those businesses, Her Mind has helped share our story and passion for our work. As we approach our one year anniversary, we recognize that the magazine helped introduce us to the community and we are very thankful.”

Marla Peoples    The Still Point Spa   

“We have advertised in every issue of Her Mind (Woman to Woman) and believe it has helped raise our visibility to the readers it serves as well as helping our business grow. The stories are relevant and we are pleased to have our restaurant and wine bar represented in a magazine that we know our customers read.Looking forward to the next issue!”

— Mary & Joe Barbera, Proprietors

Mary & Joe Barbera, Proprietors    AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar   

Hey Kim & Andre,

Its Melissa and I wanted to thank you soooooo much for choosing me and Annette to be part of your magazine.

The experience was wonderful and now the final product is getting rave reviews. People who I haven’t seen or

heard from in years, clients, and community members are popping up on social media with the pictures from

the article, we seem to be Columbia new “it girls” (lol). And we’ve already got a client or two from it….. so thank

you thank you thankyouuuuuuu!!!! It was great working with the both of you and it will be an experience we both

will cherish.

Melissa Roche    Melissa Roche Nappstar Maryland   

“Pam, Emiko and the CMO team have been more than wonderful to work with.”

Ann Combs    Howard County Recreation and Parks   

“…as a result of the very first ad we did in Her Mind, formerly Woman to Woman magazine, we received 3 student enrollments in our center already! I am so excited about these results :-)”

Christina Speiden    Little Builders Learning Center   

Good morning Martha,

It will be hard for me to put into words the wonderful response my sisters and I have received as the result of

our article.  It is one thing to experience the Sorg Sisters, but it is another entirely to be able to convey the

feeling in words, in a magazine, in a short article, and in a question and answer format.  But, to your lovely

credit, you have done so.  We have all had the experience of many people responding to what they have read. 

They don’t just say we saw the article, they say we laughed, we want to be adopted by you all, and so on.  You

are to be commended for being able to convey the “feeling” of us, and you have done so beautifully.  We

appreciate that you recognize how truly fortunate we are.  No 4 girls have ever blessed like we have to have

the amazing Mother and Father we have.  They have shaped who we are, as we have shaped each other.

Thank you for recognizing our amazing gift Martha.


Linda Ostovitz    Linda Sorg Ostovitz, Esquire Silverstein & Ostovitz, LLC   

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