Root Studio offers a space for collaboration and inspiration Text BY Martha Thomas      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella November/December 2017 Karen Isailovic paints large, expressive canvasses in an airy studio at Root Studio, the maker space she opened in Columbia. Recently, she sat down at a computer in the adjacent... Read more →


September/October 2017   If there’s a book lover who has everything on your gift list, get your holiday shopping done early on these pages. Or you just might find something to curl up with yourself. . . . Knock Knock Personal Library Kit, $16, *Everyday Innovations Bookmarker Flag Pen... Read more →


June/July 2017 For your next family vacation, why not haul your luxury accommodations along? Glamping, aka glamorous camping, has been on trend for some time, but why not give the entire family an upgrade? Here are some accessories for a do-it-yourself glam weekend in the wilderness. . . . glamping... Read more →

Turf Valley Offers a Temporary Home

TEXT BY Martha Thomas      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella December 2016/January 2017 “Her Mind” tradition during the holidays is our Gift to Myself guide. This year, we did our holiday shopping at Turf Valley. Since August, the resort has offered space for displaced Ellicott City merchants to set... Read more →

Let There Be Light

DON’T BE SAD November/December 2016 Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing for 6 percent of people in the U.S., according toexperts. Another 14 percent suffer from mood changes commonly known as “winter blues.” Here are some ways to let the sun shine in through the season’s dark days... Read more →


SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 By Martha Thomas Sometimes life calls for a road trip. Pack a heavy suitcase (or two – there’s no charge for extra bags). Put on some comfy shoes. Bring your electronics if you wish to stay in touch, but don’t let the cords clump up, and keep the fast... Read more →

Beauty in the Details

At the Queen’s Ink, Patty Euler creates works of art from just about anything. STORY BY Molly Fellin Spence      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella JUNE/JULY 2016 Surrounded by mounds of paper scraps, sorted by color and covered with myriad textures and patterns, Patti Euler bubbles with enthusiasm. She has... Read more →

FUN & Games

ADD A LITTLE BOUNCE TO YOUR WORKOUT MARCH/APRIL 2016   Did you know that hula hooping can burn seven calories per minute? It’s good for your heart and provides an intense workout for your core. Strap on a pair of roller skates or blades and burn up to 300-800 calories an... Read more →


MARCH/APRIL 2016 Ready-to-wear wedding gowns are like Bigfoot: People claim they exist, but no one can produce any proof. And that’s why places like the Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio are so crucial for brides-to-be. “Most gowns require alterations of some sort to fit properly,” says Marilyn Johnson (left), owner of... Read more →

Simple Pleasures

Take your everyday to a new level. TEXT AND STYLING BY April Force   Pardoe PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016 This year’s Gift-to-Myself Guide is all about life’s simple pleasures. Each treat on these pages is sure to enhance your everyday life. A good night’s sleep just... Read more →


CURATED BY STEVE ADLER STYLING AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARY C. GARDELLA NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015   STEVE ADLER, who has lived in Clarksville for more than 30 years, sold his company, Steve Adler Big & Tall in 1993, after  building it to 23 stores in seven states. Since then, he has served... Read more →


By Holly Smith NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 Its thick stone walls may not guard cash and bonds anymore, but the historic bank on Ellicott City’s Main Street is once again home to treasures. This past May, the gorgeous circa 1906 building was transformed into Vintage Vault & Gallery, a one-of-a-kind shop filled... Read more →

Creature Feature

WHAT DO WOMEN WANT? STORY / REVIEWS BY Martha Thomas NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 I just barely remember my first cup holder. It was probably in a Volvo I was test-driving for the New York Daily News back when I wrote for the paper’s automotive supplements. Enthusiasts – the type whose criteria... Read more →

Style Made SIMPLE

STYLING AND TEXT BY Kristin Antonino     PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2015   CLOSET CAPSULES Seasonal wardrobes made up of timeless, versatile pieces will ensure that you’re stylish while your closet is, well, let’s just say a little naked. Overhaul your closet, keeping only things that... Read more →


TRADITIONAL ANNIVERSARY GIFTS WITH A TWIST PHOTOGRAPHY & TEXT BY Beverly Parisi, STYLING BY Angelina Parisi The tradition of assigning a particular material – wood, paper, gold – to an anniversary milestone is thought to have originated in Germany, where couples gave each other progressively more valuable gifts as the years... Read more →


STYLING AND TEXT BY Beverly Parisi PHOTOGRAPHY BY Lisa Shires Those of us with sisters may have tortured memories of being dressed alike. Even worse were the Laura Ashley-style mother-daughter outfits creating a multi generational parade of matchy matchy females in flouncy florals. We don’t have anything against matching, but... Read more →


By Martha Thomas Simply Divine, the Maple Lawn boutique, which recently opened a new shop in Ellicott City is named for its goal. “We want every woman to feel simply divine,” says owner Angelina Rivero Brannigan, who founded the women’s clothing store in 2007. Janina Huff, fashion director for Simply... Read more →


PHOTOGRAPHY BY Lisa Shires    STYLED BY Beverly Parisi GIFTS TO SHARE AND SEQUESTER In the spirit of doing good, our annual “gift to myself” guide started out with all the best intentions. We sought out gifts that would be even more fun when shared with others. How about setting... Read more →


By Martha Thomas Karen Lucas always loved fashion. Her mother worked as a fashion illustrator and would take her daughter shopping on Friday afternoons. After getting a degree in textiles and apparel, Lucas worked in retail, but the stores “kept going out of business,” she says. So Lucas opted for job... Read more →


By Martha Thomas “Quilts used to be made from old rags. Now people buy new fabrics. This doesn’t make them any more beautiful, but it has elevated the respect given to old quilts.” – Sandra Royster Sandra Royster made her first quilt in 1980 when she was 18 years old. Inspired... Read more →


STYLING AND TEXT BY Beverly Parisi     PHOTOS by Lisa Shires   Men can be tough customers when it comes to holiday shopping. Some of us remember the days when the guy in our lives was happy with Old Spice or a nice tie. But most men’s desires run deeper... Read more →


FINDING YOUR PERFECT FITTING BRA How many bras should a woman have?  A: We recommend 3-4 bras to rotate through to prevent wearing out. In addition to everyday bras, each woman should have a good fitting sports bra and a fun sexy bra for date night. How do you care for... Read more →


STYLING AND TEXT BY Kristin Antonino and Micah Simon   PHOTOS by Lisa Shires Safe in the sun is more than skin deep, but starting with the skin is never a bad idea. Don’t step outside without your lotion, spray or brush-on SPF protection, and protect your eyes with a pair... Read more →


SHOP FOR SUCCESS Story By Elizabeth Brunetti • Photography By André Chung A local nonprofit helps women dress for new jobs – and renew their self-esteem Walking into Charity’s Closet, a generously stocked boutique of gently worn clothing in Savage, it’s hard to imagine that the organization started in Jeannette Kendall’s... Read more →


PHOTOGRAPHY BY Lisa Shires STYLING AND TEXT BY Kristin Antonino Mixology is all the rage these days, so why not climb on the boxcar and stir up your usual drink order? We muddled around with local bartenders as they put together all manner of concoctions – from a raspberry kombucha... Read more →


A TABLETOP SETS THE STAGE FOR A FESTIVE MEAL PHOTOGRAPHY BY Lisa Shires   Heavy glass 18″ CANDLESTICK HOLDERS, $225 each, Shoemaker Country Store * Winter white BOUQUET, bouquets & prices vary, Wilhide’s Flowers, Ellicott City, * White Porcelain BIRD STATUES, $29 each, Shoemaker Country Store * White Artichoke... Read more →


FIND UNIQUE STYLES FOR LESS My name is Janina McNinney and my adventure to becoming the proprietor of StyleFinds Consignments all began when I visited the United States in August of 2001. I only brought 4 suitcases and had planned to stay 6 months with my sister. My ‘vacation’ ended... Read more →


PHOTOGRAPHY BY Meredith Tankersley  STYLING AND TEXT BY Kristin Antonino Shopping local is a breeze in a place where talent abounds. For this holiday season, we’ve hunted down a handful of enterprising Howard County artisans who create one-of-a-kind finds that will make you – and everyone on your gift list... Read more →


ACCESSORIES THAT HELP MAKE YOUR DAY MORE EFFICIENT Photography By Meredith Tankersley Styling By Elizabeth Brunetti Sadly, time is not static. She moves as quickly as we do. And she’s a selfish friend, taking and taking and never giving in return. So it falls to us to trick her –... Read more →


EATING OUT When the air warms up, the sun shines and the earth underfoot puts a bounce in your step, who can resist a meal outdoors? In Howard County, the picnicking possibilities are endless. A romantic evening at the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company or Merriweather Post, a day with the family... Read more →


Photography By Meredith Tankersley Prom is supposed to be memorable for the experience – the dress, the dances, the time with friends – not for the price tag. But the cost of attending prom is waltzing toward $1,000, which may be enough to keep some young women from attending. Howard... Read more →


Our cover models, Tracy and Taylor Spillman and Lisa and Brianna Chun, turned the tables on the conventional mother-daughter shopping spree. Instead of Mom picking out (or relenting to) clothes for these middle schoolers, Taylor and Brianna, with the help of stylists at Lord & Taylor, dressed up their mothers.... Read more →


If a gift-giver is also the receiver, does it count as a gift? The conundrum could be pondered as far as the vibrations of a tree falling in the forest might travel. But here at Her Mind, we all support self-gifting. In a season that creates more strain on nerves... Read more →


[ By Kristin Antonino ] The way Wanda Elledge sees it, if you want to tweak your personal style, start with small doses of trendy. Leather is in right now, she points out. “But if you’re not ready for leather pants, how about a jacket with leather accents?” She’s got... Read more →


Thanks to the Food Network, Top Chef, and blogs too numerous to count, folks of all stripes can claim foodie cred, a phenomenon that should make your holiday shopping easy as pie. When it comes to personalities in the kitchen, however, it takes all types, leaving the conscientious gift-giver in... Read more →


STORY BY Mary T. Robbins Phelan PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung Recently, a customer hurried into StyleFinds with a dilemma. The woman had to attend a funeral on short notice and had nothing to wear. A few minutes later, she walked out with a full suit for $22. That’s one kind... Read more →


INTRO BY Martha Thomas PHOTOGRAPHY BY Meredith Tankersley STYLING BY Kristin Antonino Move to the head of the class with this selection of glassware and other vessels that serve a dual purpose. Each of these lovely items offers not only the chance to sip, serve or display, but the opportunity... Read more →


By Martha ThomasPhotos by Meredith TankersleyCool isn’t always a function of temperature. We keep our cool when things get stressful and try to stay in step with cool even when our daughters beg us to just give it up. At the end of the day, in hot weather or cool, it’s... Read more →


ON 22 MAY 2012. POSTED IN SHOPPING ARCHIVE Recycled wedding dress: A Donnelly-designed christening gown Isabel Donnelly can’t count the number of wedding dresses she’s made. Hundreds, maybe thousands in her 25 years as a seamstress fitting and altering gowns and other men’s and women’s apparel.  After working for a... Read more →