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DESIGNER LENA MUNTHER NEVER DOES THE SAME THING TWICE STORY BY Rebecca Kirkman      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella November/December 2017 Lena Munther never does the same thing twice. The Swedish interior architect based in Howard County says, “Even when a client comes to me and says they would love something... Read more →


By April Force Pardoe November/December 2017 HOW TO MAKE A SANCTUARY OF YOUR MASTER BEDROOM Isn’t it time to treat yourself to a master bedroom that is a sanctuary at the end of the day and puts a smile on your face when you wake up? Here are five ways... Read more →


THREE WAYS TO TRANSFORM YOUR CABINETS By April Force Pardoe September/October 2017 Are your kitchen or bath cabinets outdated or worn out? Or, are you ready to switch things up a bit in the way you store things in these spaces? Cabinetry is a large expense in a kitchen or... Read more →


DECORATE A ROOM THAT WILL GROW WITH YOUR LITTLE ONES By April Force Pardoe June/July 2017 A child’s bedroom decor can be so cute and sweet. There’s a temptation to deck out your little one’s entire space with baby themes because, well, you are in baby infatuation mode. I get... Read more →

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BRINGING THE MIDCENTURY LOOK HOME April Force Pardoe March 2017/April 2017 Midcentury modern decor was popular in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. When Columbia had its first homeowners, their homes were likely full of the midcentury look that many now covet. The style relies on clean lines, a neutral palette... Read more →


TREAT YOUR WINDOWS WELL By April Force Pardoe November/December 2016 With so many types, styles and designs out there, selecting the right window treatments for your home can be an overwhelming process. Here is my three-step process: 1 Start with function. Always. I know this is not the exciting part... Read more →


SHOP YOUR HOME TO UPDATE YOUR DÉCOR SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 By April Force Pardoe Do you have many great accessories in your home but are a bit tired of seeing them in the same spots year after year? Do you want to create a new look without buying anything new? An... Read more →


TELL YOUR HOME WHAT YOU NEED By April Force Pardoe JUNE/JULY 2016 Do you use all of every room in your house? Or, are any rooms designated by the builder for a function you don’t necessarily need – and as a result are rarely used? Formal living rooms, dining rooms... Read more →


By April Force Pardoe MARCH/APRIL 2016 GUEST SANCTUARY If you and your family are blessed with a wedding or another special event on the calendar this year, you may be hosting guests in your home. Creating a lovely guest experience can be accomplished with a few thoughtful updates, making your... Read more →

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GIVE YOUR GARAGE AN OVERHAUL By April Force Pardoe NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 Is it time to update your garage so it’s up to the standards you’ve set inside your home? You most likely enter and exit your garage several times a day, so it should be a pleasant, clean and organized... Read more →


5 TIPS FOR MERGING TWO DECORATING STYLES By April Force Pardoe Merging two people’s possessions can be challenging, especially if you are combining different styles. Ultimately the merge is about embracing the person and his/her interests and history without getting too caught up in the stuff itself. Easier said than... Read more →


CREATING A CAVE FOR THE MAN IN YOUR LIFE STORY BY Carol Sorgen When architect Karen Pitsley needed more room for her office, her husband, Scott, lost his “man space” in their Highland home garage. Turns out, that’s not a problem. The couple built a new two-car garage to replace... Read more →


WESTWOOD UNIQUE PUTS A SINGULAR SPIN ON HOME DÉCOR   If your walls (and rooms) could talk, would they yawn from boredom? Not if they’ve been decked out with one-of-a-kind pieces from Ellicott City’s Westwood Unique. For more than two decades, the home décor destination has been helping folks find... Read more →


THE MARRINER CLAN’S NEW HOME HAS ROOM FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY, AND A BREWERY TOO STORY BY CAROL SORGEN / PHOTOGRAPHY BY ANDRÉ CHUNG “We don’t ever plan to move,” E. Randolph (Randy) and Mary Marriner said five years ago when I visited them at Roxbury, the stately home they... Read more →


A MIDCENTURY MODEL HOUSE IN COLUMBIA RETAINS ITS GLAMOUR, WHILE REPRESENTING A FORWARD-THINKING COMMUNITY The home, now filled with the lively conversation, music and artwork of the Osiander family, was built in 1966 as a model house for a community that did not yet exist: Columbia. The house on Maple... Read more →


THREE LOCAL DESIGNERS DISCUSS THEIR FAVORITE THINGS STORY BY Kris Antonino & Shannon Morgan Rose is Rose Bolted above Rose Bennett’s fireplace is a four-foot fan blade. Around the corner, a hammered metal dining table for eight with large cobalt turned legs sits surrounded by ghost chairs. A teal farmhouse... Read more →


THERE ARE TWO REASONS THAT A PROGRAM TO CREATE RAIN GARDENS IN HOWARD COUNTY IS A GOOD IDEA   There are two reasons that a program to create rain gardens in Howard County is a good idea, according to Cynthia Marshall. “Employment for young adults is hard to find,” even... Read more →


Friends and Farms, which offers its subscribers weekly baskets full of fresh, local foods, has recently started to offer a vegetarian option – an alternative that was a long time coming, according to some. Philip Gottwals, co-owner of the Columbia-based company, says that his wife, Debbie, a lifelong vegetarian had... Read more →


Home improvement can conjure scary visions of hard-core renovation projects like replacing the roof, updating the bathroom, overhauling the kitchen or ripping up the floor. But it’s nice to know that fixing up the house can also include gratifying, soft-core undertakings like window treatments, furnishings and décor. No matter what... Read more →


[ By Allegra Bennett ] Clearing clutter is an industry. These days, we can seek out all manner of advice for organizing everything from our brains to our bathrooms. Professional organizers stand at the ready to help end the siege of our stuff, showing up in person with bins, boxes... Read more →


NO LADIES CLUB, HOWARD COUNTY MASTER GARDENERS ARE STEWARDS OF THE ENVIRONMENT – AND HAPPY TO SHARE STORY BY Marina Sarris Linda Decker has always enjoyed tending the green expanse that is her yard in Highland. Since becoming a master gardener five years ago, however, she no longer admires the... Read more →


A “NATURAL HISTORY” OF HOWARD COUNTY’S LAKES STORY BY Jason Tinney A mallard duck enjoys a peaceful moment at Lake Elkhorn, a 37-acre body of water built by the Columbia Association in 1974. PHOTO BY André ChungI’ve been blessed with a 13-year-old daughter who still loves to fish. Despite cluttered... Read more →