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Razing the Bar

THAT MOMMY JUICE IN YOUR GLASS COULD HAVE DIRE CONSEQUENCES Story BY Elizabeth Heubeck      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella November/December 2017 It’s dinner time and you find yourself in the kitchen, chopping and sautéing—and, perhaps, pouring a much anticipated glass of wine. Whether you’ve been corralling kids all day or... Read more →


WHEN IT COMES TO TRACKING YOUR WORKOUT, THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT STORY BY Molly Fellin Spence      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Robin Shotola November/December 2017 Sana Waheed is all about the social aspect of exercising. “For me, the best way to end a long workday is to meet up with my favorite... Read more →


IF RESTFUL SLEEP ELUDES YOU, YOU’RE NOT ALONE STORY BY Christianna McCausland      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella November/December 2017 Like not taking vacation, working through lunch, and being oh so busy, Americans wear their lack of sleep like a badge of honor. Fatigue is a cross to bear... Read more →


November/December 2017 B Y HARRY B. SIEGEL   . DIVORCE   The word creates an emotional reaction. Will I have enough money? Will my children be okay? Can I keep my home or have to move? Aside from an attorney,who else do I need to help me? The SIEGELLAW immersion... Read more →

WOMEN’S RESOURCE GUIDE | Central Maryland Radiation Oncology

November/December 2017 University-Based Radiation Oncology in Howard County If radiation therapy has been recommended as part of your cancer treatment, did you know you can be treated in Howard County? At Central Maryland Radiation Oncology, experts from the University of Maryland Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Medicine collaborate to offer... Read more →


November/December 2017 The Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Center Inc., is a Glenwood-based farm dedicated to helping children and young adults diagnosed with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional challenges including autism, Down syndrome, post-traumatic stress dis¬order and brain injury. In September, the nonprofit organization opened a 4,100 square... Read more →

The Power of Pets

Research has shown that interaction with a pet is beneficial on many levels STORY BY Elizabeth Heubeck      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella September/October 2017 When I was 4, I felt certain that my friend’s two dogs were horses. They were taller than I, with pointy ears and sharp teeth. They... Read more →

Care Giving

“There are only four kinds of people in the world – those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers and those who will need caregivers.”     – Rosalynn Carter, Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving, September/October 2017 Care giving is the hardest job we... Read more →

The Wheels on the Bike Go Round and Round

STORY BY Gina Gallucci-White      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella June/July 2017 Instead of driving a car to work, Jane Dembner takes her bike. It’s a six mile commute to her Columbia-based workplace each way. “It’s a really good way to stay fit,” she says. Commuting by bike may... Read more →


VOTED BEST OF HOWARD COUNTY ORTHODONTIST 2016 By Susan Selnick, Director of Marketing June/July 2017 YOUR SMILE. It’s your best asset. It’s how you face the world. Whether you need treatment for your child or yourself, we’ll help you find the solution that’s right for you. We are experts in... Read more →


HOW TO PREVENT MOSQUITO AND TICK BITES By Ji Yon Kwon, M.D. June/July 2017 Warm weather and vacation mean the arrival of summer and an increased risk for mosquito and tick bites. While most outdoor and indoor bug bites in the US remain harmless, some insects spread viruses and bacteria... Read more →

WELLNES | Podiatry Associates

A STEP ABOVE IN PODIATRY “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” –quote from Leonardo da Vinci By Karrie L. Fields, FACMPE June/July 2017 At Podiatry Associates, their philosophy is the same as da Vinci, offering patients and their families quality foot and ankle... Read more →

WELLNESS | learning something new

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” –Leonardo da Vinci By Cynthia Daniels June/July 2017 What is it about learning something new that is so soul-nourishing? Experts say learning a new language, dance or anything that you haven’t done before can enhance your life in extremely positive ways. “It’s actually a core... Read more →


EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE WITH INSPIRE, AN ORGANIC SALON By Kathleen Lauer June/July 2017 A routine visit to the hair salon can leave you with an irritated scalp and damaged ends. Treating your hair needs with products containing synthetic ingredients could be leaving your hair in worse condition than before your... Read more →


By Stephanie K. Smith, C.HT, MBA June/July 2017 Why are you your own worst critic? Life is easier when your mind helps you instead of insulting you. That “not-so-nice” little voice you hear in your head is coming from your subconscious. Your subconscious is like a huge memory bank with... Read more →

Running For Survivors

The Ulman Cancer Fund encourages a return to fitness Amanda Loudin March 2017/April 2017 In 2012, at the age of 39, Christina Miller was a busy mom wrangling three small children when she discovered a lump in her breast. Diagnosed with stage three cancer, she faced a double mastectomy, 20... Read more →


Are You Getting a Good Night’s Sleep? -Allow yourself a two-to three-hour wind-down relaxation routine prior to bedtime -Avoid going to bed full or hungry; both are mentally distracting. -Exercise regularly, but not too close to bedtime as it can give you an adrenaline rush.  If you suffer from hot... Read more →

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Although grandparents raising grandchildren is not a new occurrence, there have however been increasing numbers of occurrences in the 21st Century. Many factors contribute to this phenomenon such as increased life expectancy, higher rates of divorce, increased unemployment, military deployment and disruptive factors affecting the family with drug use or... Read more →


ONCE AN URBAN DRUG, HEROIN HAS MOVED INTO THE SUBURBS To protect the privacy of the sources, the names of Sally Jones and her son have been changed. STORY BY Elizabeth Heubeck      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella November/December 2016 Growing up in Howard County during the 1980s, Sally... Read more →


PATTI SAPP TAPS INTO A SUBCONSCIOUS THAT HAS BEEN THERE ALL ALONG STORY BY Martha Thomas      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella November/December 2016 The mother of three teenaged daughters, Anna Maria Mallin experienced her share of stress. “I had a lot of family problems; I wasn’t exercising,” recalls... Read more →


A FORM OF SELF-DEFENSE THAT HAS ITS PRIORITIES STORY BY Anne Haddad      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella November/December 2016 On a Sunday afternoon last summer, about 50 women gathered at a Columbia gym for a three-hour seminar. The objective was, in a nutshell, to learn how to beat... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide-FUNERAL SERVICES

Where do I start? Who do I call? What do I do next? November/December 2016 A lot of misunderstanding exists in the funeral industry. As a Certified Funeral Service Professional, I have spent the last 23+ years guiding and serving the families in our community through this difficult time. Researching... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide-MALE INFERTILITY

Chesapeake Urology Male Fertility and Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal November/December 2016 Although patients often find their sexual health challenging to discuss, we assure you that we will put you at ease. Both sexuality and the ability to conceive a child are important parts of life that deserve the most sensitive and... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide-SKIN HEALTH & WELLNESS

Celebrating 15 Years of Ageless Skin November/December 2016 Celebrating its’ 15th anniversary, Medical Skin Therapeutics’ (MST), origins were modest. Paulina Collins, an intensive care nurse for 20+ years, wanted a career change to leverage her medical background, while providing exceptional, personalized patient care. “I understood that aesthetic skin care had... Read more →


How to Manage Menstrual Irregularities November/December 2016 Typical menstrual cycles last between 23 and 35 days and include seven or fewer days of bleeding (usually with a few days of light fl ow or spotting at the beginning and end and a day or two of heavy bleeding in the... Read more →


AN ALL-FEMALE MARTIAL ARTS TEAM TRAVELS TO THE WORLD GAMES SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 STORY BY Halima Aziza      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella As a girl, I studied martial arts in the late 1980s. I can’t say that it was my idea; my parents signed my brother and me up... Read more →


TARGETED EXERCISES CAN HELP WITH FOCUS AND COORDINATION SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 STORY BY Molly Fellin Spence      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella It seems simple enough: Pull on some headphones, slip your hands into a pair of wired gloves and follow the prompts on the screen in front of you. When... Read more →


Learning how to dance like a star SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 STORY BY Anne Haddad      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella No arm twisting was needed to convince Shereé Lucas when her friend Jann Hsu suggested they enroll in the noncredit Indian Bollywood Dance course at Howard Community College (HCC). By the... Read more →

Lean on

WOMEN FRIENDS ARE ALWAYS THERE TO SUPPORT AND INSPIRE SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 STORY BY Christine Grillo I was laid low by strep throat, a puddle of fever and fiery glands, kvetching on my couch, when I heard the elves in my kitchen. It sounded like they were unloading the dishwasher. Maybe... Read more →

Beyond the VEIL

STORIES OF MUSLIM WOMEN IN HOWARD COUNTY STORY BY Halima Aziza   PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella JUNE/JULY 2016 Tuba Subasi lives in Columbia and teaches sixth-grade math at a Prince George’s County charter school in Laurel. Originally from Turkey, she moved to the United States five years ago. During that... Read more →

Cucumber Bisque

    1 tablespoon butter 1 cup chopped onion 2 teaspoons unbleached all-purpose flour 2 medium cucumbers, peeled and sliced (about 3 cups) 1 cup chicken broth 1 cup plain yogurt 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley ½ teaspoon salt a few grindings of fresh black pepper     This soup... Read more →

Her Health

DON’T GO THERE By Martha Thomas MARCH/APRIL 2016 Hitting the Pilates mat or the Barre bar may not just tone your muscles, it may combat an awkward problem that affects at least 30 million men and women in the U.S. “If you can contract your pelvic floor muscles, you can... Read more →

Buff Bride

A WEDDING CAN MEAN HEAVY LIFTING AND VIGOROUS DANCING STORY BY Stephanie Shapiro      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella MARCH/APRIL 2016 Six months before her wedding last October, Emily Borja could not imagine walking down the aisle sleeveless. To cover up her less-than-buff upper arms, the Glenelg High School... Read more →


A MARTIAL ARTS MASTER HELPS HER STUDENTS BUILD CONFIDENCE STORY BY Tom Flynn    PHOTOGRAPHY BY Larry Gates MARCH/APRIL 2016 When she was in fourth and fifth grade, Julie Elrod says she was beaten up by her classmates just about every day. “Part of the issue was we had no... Read more →

Whistle Blower

Mary Beth Greene trains referees to make the call STORY BY Molly Fellin Spence      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella MARCH/APRIL 2016 When she puts together the referee schedule – matching teenage referees to work at younger players’ basketball games – Mary Beth Greene makes sure to assign female... Read more →

Take A Hike

STORY BY ANNE HADDAD MARCH/APRIL 2016 Experienced hikers in Maryland know how easy it is to reach one of the country’s most iconic trails – whether they carry all of their gear and camp on the trail, or just pack a lunch and pull on sneakers for a leisurely day... Read more →

NOURISH Your Body | Farm Fresh

Roving Radish brings healthy meals from local farms to the plates of those in need. By Mary Lou Baker DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016 Roving Radish, a pilot program started last year by Howard County government, has an admirable mission: to combat nutritional deficiencies among people who live here. It was launched... Read more →

BUILD Your Retirement | Start building for retirement

Resolution: Start building for retirement. Retirement planning: It’s never too early to start. Simple changes can add up to a more secure future. By Barbara Pash DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016 We’ve all seen the ads, or heard the question: “What’s your number?” referring to the imposing sums required to have stashed away... Read more →

BUILD Your Retirement | Creating an Age Friendly Community

Creating an Age Friendly Community. Planning for retirement is about more than money. By Martha Thomas DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016 Phyllis Madachy has been involved in the same book club for more than 20 years. She and the other women in the group, she admits, “talk about more than the book.... Read more →

EXPAND Your Mind | Expand my artistic horizons

Resolution: Expand my artistic horizons. Rep Stage Spotlights Women Howard County’s own Equity theater has a big year in store. By Beth Rubin DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016 Many of us read a review in the paper or hear an ad on the radio and vow to see something on the stage.... Read more →

EXPAND Your Mind | Theater for all

Theater for all. By Beth Rubin DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016 In its 40-plus years, the Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts has brought – and taught – theater to a wide range of audiences The Columbia Center for Theatrical Arts (CCTA) is democratic – in the true sense of the word. The... Read more →

NOURISH Your Body | Eat better

Resolution: Eat better. Good to Go Three ways to ensure you’ll always have the ingredients for a home cooked meal. By Mary Lou Baker DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016 For most of us, a list of New Year’s resolutions almost always includes something food related. We may pledge to eat less or eat... Read more →


  NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 Ask any serious fitness nut, and they’ll tell you: The only thing better than feeling the burn is not having to leave Howard County to do it. Thanks to Top Tier Columbia, they don’t have to. “We chose Columbia [for our newest gym] because it represents a... Read more →


  NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 The 100-plus young women who attended Girl Scouts Are Beautiful Inside & Out at the Roger Carter Community Center in Ellicott City last spring didn’t just learn valuable wellness tips. They were also given the tools to help them during the new school year and beyond. “I... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide|MALE INFERTILITY

Chesapeake Urology Male Fertility and Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 Although patients often find their sexual health challenging to discuss, we assure you that we will put you at ease. Both sexuality and the ability to conceive a child are important parts of life that deserve the most sensitive and... Read more →


You do not have to live with abnormal bleeding NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 Typical menstrual cycles last between 23 and 35 days and include seven or fewer days of bleeding (usually with a few days of light flow or spotting at the beginning and end and a day or two of heavy bleeding... Read more →


SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2015 Kelly B. Wilkes, owner of Ojas Wellness Centers, believes that every woman has a reset button “and they need to give themselves permission to push it.” Ojas, which recently opened a new facility at Meadow Ridge Center in Elkridge, says Wilkes, is the place to do just... Read more →

Late to the Race

WOMEN WHO START RUNNING LATER IN LIFE FIND IMPROVED HEALTH AND CAMARADERIE STORY BY Anne Haddad     PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2015 When Diane Johnston was growing up, her sturdy build and tendency to be overweight meant that whenever she played on a team – field... Read more →

hip, hip HOORAY

HAVING A HIP REPLACED TURNED OUT TO BE MUCH EASIER THAN EXPECTED STORY BY Martha Thomas WITH RESEARCH COLLABORATION by Kim Polyniak PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2015 “The pain just goes away.” I’d heard it from plenty of people: Everyone, it seems has a friend, a parent,... Read more →

Making it Work

COACHING AND COUNSELING HELPS COUPLES KEEP THINGS TOGETHER STORY BY Kim Polyniak PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung It was over. After 13 years together, six years married, Sharon and Chris split up. Their relationship had faced issues many couples have struggled with, including alcohol abuse and an a air. They had... Read more →


WHEN THE DOCTOR PRESCRIBES VEGETABLES, FAMILY MEMBERS FALL INTO STEP STORY BY Mary Lou Baker PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella As a longtime food writer and recreational home cook, I received the mandate from my husband’s cardiologist that he start eating vegetarian like a punch in the stomach with an oversized... Read more →

Bond on the Run

Mismatched running partners find fitness and friendship. STORY BY Anne Haddad PHOTOGRAPHY BY Lisa Shires A message arrived on Joy Emery’s phone just as she was putting her son and daughter to bed one night. The text bubble glowed: “I’m in your kitchen.” It was her neighbor and running buddy,... Read more →


Some people are physically tough, and others are mentally tough. The 30 or so women gathered outside Columbia’s Colosseum Gym on a wet, chilly day last November were both. Testing their mettle in the 2014 Maryland Strongest Man Competition, the women dead lifted, overhead pressed and hauled massive stones right... Read more →


Send a girl to camp and you’re not just filling her summer with fun. You’re filling her with confidence, ambition and character. “Camp Louise is dedicated to helping campers find their ‘inner awesome’ without outside pressure,” says Alicia Berlin, director of the all-girls Jewish sleep-away camp in Washington County. “Single-sex... Read more →


“NINETY PERCENT OF MEDICINE IS JUST LISTENING, JUST BEING THERE.” By Shannon Morgan Dr. Leslie Apgar is passionate about her work at the Women’s OB/GYN Group, an affiliate of Saint AgnesHospital located in Columbia. The all-female practice, founded in 1991 by Drs. Carol Emerson, Brenda Brandon and Nancy Hammond, takes... Read more →


By Julekha Dash “If I can help a person get better and relieve their pain, that’s my goal. If I can help someone achieve even a little bit of range of motion in the shoulder – so they can take that glass out of the cupboard – that’s an achievement.” Renuka... Read more →


By Elizabeth Heubeck Girls are taking to sports fields in ever-increasing numbers, and many are playing as aggressively as their male counterparts. Subsequently, they’re also more likely to be sidelined with concussions. Now, a highly trained team of physicians at the Neurorehabilitation Concussion Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute is helping... Read more →


“THERE IS ABSOLUTELY A CONNECTION BETWEEN YOUR DENTAL HEALTH AND YOUR OVERALL HEALTH.” Dr. Hazel Glasper is on a mission to change dentistry. She launched a national campaign, Teach Me Dental, to educate and empower her patients about the connection between oral health and overall health. “There’s not a lot... Read more →


SALONS AND SPAS CATER TO THE GUYS STORY BY Barbara Pash   PHOTOGRAPHY BY Lisa Shires When Russell Creel attends sales conventions, as he does regularly for his profession, he is, quite frankly, appalled by the casual clothing and haphazard grooming. There are attendees, men and women, “who look like... Read more →


FALLS BEST ACCESSORY, GLOWING SKIN Each year, I look forward to fall’s newest fashions, not just the clothes. Let me explain. I am a medical esthetician, so healthy skin is my passion. I look through the magazines for not just the newest shapes in eyebrows and looks in makeup, but... Read more →


HEMORRHOIDS – TREATING A SENSITIVE BUT COMMON PROBLEM As a Gastroenterologist, I often deal with a variety of issues that are difficult to discuss, even to health care providers. One area that seems particularly sensitive for patients, often due to fear of embarrassment, is Hemorrhoid Disease. It is important to... Read more →


CHESAPEAKE UROLOGY MALE FERTILITY AND MICROSURGICAL VASECTOMY REVERSAL Although patients often find their sexual health challenging to discuss, we assure you that we will put you at ease. Both sexuality and the ability to conceive a child are important parts of life that deserve the most sensitive and expert treatment.... Read more →


FINDING YOUR PERFECT FITTING BRA How many bras should a woman have?  A: We recommend 3-4 bras to rotate through to prevent wearing out. In addition to everyday bras, each woman should have a good fitting sports bra and a fun sexy bra for date night. How do you care for... Read more →


TWO LOCAL BUSINESSES WILL SET YOU IN MOTION STORY BY Rachael Guadagni As we head into the winter months, staying in shape – both physically and mentally – becomes a heightened challenge. Columbia has plenty of businesses designed to make it easier. The Face Place has been helping Howard County... Read more →


STORY BY Holly Smith PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung When diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome 20 years ago, Debra Mason (not her real name) knew the condition might linger for a while. What she didn’t know was Guillain-Barré — an autoimmune disease often triggered by infection — would still be causing excruciating... Read more →


THE ‘NO ‘POO’ MOVEMENT IS JUST ONE PART OF A TREND TOWARD NATURAL HAIR AND BEAUTY STORY BY Abigail Green PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung Sevi Kay has gorgeous chestnut curls, so it may come as a surprise to learn that she doesn’t shampoo her hair daily. Or even weekly. But... Read more →


A NEW DISCIPLINE WAKES UP TO WOMEN’S SHUT-EYE PROBLEMS STORY BY Elizabeth Heubeck PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung Laura Jones (not her real last name) is, like a lot of moms, stretched thin. The 49-year-old Howard County resident juggles the needs of her three children and a home-based photography business with... Read more →


SHAPING UP IN A HURRY   STORY BY Elizabeth Brunetti PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung Cherie Beck purchased a Living Social deal for a month’s worth of classes at 39 Minute Workout in Ellicott City thinking it would be a quick fix. “I hoped to get back into shape quickly and... Read more →


IRON WOMEN MEET THREE WOMEN WHO CONQUERED THE ODDS TO COMPLETE AN ICONIC RACE   STORY BY HOLLY SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY BY ANDRÉ CHUNG Though she’s been active most of her life, Diana Toronto, a Columbia real estate agent never dreamed of competing in a triathlon. But a 2008 breast cancer... Read more →


ONCE RACHEL GRIBBEN GOT BACK IN SHAPE SHE TURNED HER ACCOMPLISHMENT INTO A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. STORY BY Elizabeth Heubeck PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung Rachel Gribbin knows what it’s like to face the challenge of losing a significant amount of weight. The 34-year-old’s story—at least the part where she put on... Read more →


AN ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU STORY BY Martha Thomas PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung When Sarah Curnoles decided to become a personal trainer, her first client was her mother. “She’s seen some bone loss lately, and her doctor was worried,” says Curnoles, who, along with her stage managing... Read more →


VISITING A DATING SITE MIGHT BE THE FIRST STEP IN GETTING BACK IN THE GAME   Story By Elizabeth Brunetti Madeline Adkins was nearly 30 before she started dating. She’d had two long-term relationships in her 20s, but had never thrown herself into the dating scene. The associate concertmaster of... Read more →


A PHOTO ESSAY BY André Chung            STYLING BY Amie Decker Beauty Amie Decker and lead hairstylist Kelley Small brought their talents to the Her Mind “Shades of Gray” photo shoot. Amie Decker Beauty specializes in on-site hair and makeup for special events and photo styling. Thanks to Amie and Kelley... Read more →


FACELIFTS & TUMMY TUCKS – A GUIDE TO GETTING THE LOOK STORY BY Shaun Borsh “A woman has the age she deserves” – Coco Chanel. These days, you could add to the French fashion icon’s statement – “or the age she can afford.” Chanel’s chic aesthetic continues to influence fashionable... Read more →


COVERING THE GRAY IS A PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL REQUIREMENT DOES SHE OR DOESN’T SHE?   STORY BY Marina Sarris    PHOTOGRAPHY BY Meredith Tankersley For many women, going gray can be a consequential decision. The radio station announced a tornado watch, but I kept driving as the sky grew darker. My... Read more →


By Z. Colette Edwards, M.D. Q I want to improve my health naturally. What are the so-called “superfoods” I keep hearing about and do they really makea difference? A I think of “superfoods” as a variety of foodstuffs that tend to be lower in calories but provide a big bang... Read more →


FACELIFTS & TUMMY TUCKS – A GUIDE TO GETTING THE LOOK STORY BY Shaun Borsh   “A woman has the age she deserves” – Coco Chanel These days, you could add to the French fashion icon’s statement – “or the age she can afford.” Chanel’s chic aesthetic continues to influence... Read more →


Women’s Resource Advertising CHESAPEAKE UROLOGY MALE FERTILITY AND MICROSURGICAL VASECTOMY REVERSAL Although patients often fi nd their sexual health challenging to discuss, we assure you that we will put you at ease. Both sexuality and the ability to conceive a child are important parts of life that deserve the most... Read more →


NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR COMMON DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS As a nutritionist, I have found that the majority of my patients experience some type of digestive distress on a regular basis. Whether it is gas, bloating, reflux, constipation or diarrhea, many people learn to live with their discomfort by self medicating with over the... Read more →


WHAT COSMETIC SOLUTION IS BEST FOR YOU? Plastic surgery is making dramatic differences in the quality of life for patients, and although surgery is the best option for many, an increasing number obtain excellent results without surgery. Advances in dermal fillers, lasers, and energy based body contouring offer today’s patients... Read more →


A UNIQUE GIRLS’ FITNESS PROGRAM GETS PLENTY OF MILEAGE IN SELF-ESTEEM BUILDING   STORY BY Elizabeth Heubeck PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung Clustered at the finish line, the girls jump up and down and yell their hearts out as they see their teammate heading for the finish line. Eventually she steps... Read more →


By Z. Colette Edwards, M.D. Q.  I keep hearing about the HPV vaccine and wonder if it’s the right thing for my pre-teen daughter. What is the purpose of the vaccine? Should boys also receive it? The human papilloma virus (HPV) has been identified as a major cause of cervical... Read more →


[ By Kristin Antonino ] These days, it pays to think outside the recycle box. Decrease your carbon footprint in every aspect of your life from the clothes you wear to the food you eat. Schedule a home energy assessment, use cloth napkins instead of paper, have the tires on... Read more →


[ By Elizabeth Brunetti ] Sometimes eating healthy foods and regular exercise don’t do it all. If your goal this year is to feel energetic and on your game, it might be worth checking in with someone who can assess your overall wellness. For several Howard County practitioners health means... Read more →


[ By Elizabeth Brunetti ] Whether you’re an Iron Girl with a wardrobe of spandex, a seasoned couch potato who hasn’t donned a sports bra in years – or even someone in between – chances are, one of your New Year’s resolutions is to achieve a fitness milestone. No matter... Read more →


[ By Elizabeth Brunetti ] Just wanting to change our lives sometimes isn’t enough. We stagnate. We spin our wheels. We aren’t sure how to take a first step. We’re so consumed by the details in front of us that taking the time to set a new path seems overwhelming.... Read more →


STORY BY Kim Polyniak The evening hours tick away as more than a dozen students gather inside a room in Columbia. A large red rose adorns the wall above. “Let’s start in Adho Mukha Svanasana, please,” the teacher, Cheryl Catranbone says. The students move into Downward- Facing Dog. Their bodies... Read more →


 A COMBINATION OF STRENGTH – BOTH PHYSICAL AND MENTAL – AND AGILITY IS REQUIRED FOR THIS CHALLENGING SPORT. PLUS YOU GET TO CHAT. STORY BY Stephanie Gibson PHOTOGRAPHY BY Meredith Tankersley During a team-building exercise I attended not long ago, the seminar leader tried to construct a sports metaphor. “It’s... Read more →


SOME HOWARD COUNTY EXERCISERS LEAVE THE GYM BEHIND STORY BY Elizabeth Heubeck PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung and Meredith Tankersley For Marla Peoples, exercising outdoors just makes sense. “There’s nothing more heart lifting than to set the tone of your day by getting outside and appreciating nature,” she says. Peoples is... Read more →


PRACTITIONERS OF A NEW TREND – DANCE AS EXERCISE – CLAIM THEY DON’T EVEN REALIZE THEY’RE WORKING OUT STORY BY Elizabeth Heubeck  PHOTOGRAPHY BY Doug Kapustin I have to admit, I walked into my first Nia class not knowing what to expect. My workouts tend more towards the elliptical at... Read more →