Two local shops cook up delicious gift ideas STORY BY Emily Johnson      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Robin Shotola November/December 2017 My grandmother has clear preferences when it comes to gifts: “If I can’t eat it or wear it, I don’t want it.” Edible treats appeal to both the giver and the recipient.... Read more →


DESIGNER LENA MUNTHER NEVER DOES THE SAME THING TWICE STORY BY Rebecca Kirkman      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella November/December 2017 Lena Munther never does the same thing twice. The Swedish interior architect based in Howard County says, “Even when a client comes to me and says they would love something... Read more →


November/December 2017 Paula Dwyer and her husband were walking down Main Street in Ellicott City in 2013 when they noticed that 8004 was for sale. “I walked in and I fell in love,” she recalls. “I said to my husband ‘I have to have this building’.” Dwyer grew up in... Read more →


TO REMODEL OR NOT TO REMODEL? By Lyn Dippel November/December 2017 MAKE SURE YOUR PROJECT ISN’T AN OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE Since we typically spend more time indoors at home during the colder months, we’re often inspired to dive into home improvements However, remodeling projects can easily get expensive. Here are some... Read more →


November/December 2017 Shortly after Clarksville resident Marla Stahl adopted a mixed breed terrier she named Sugar, the dog went after a bird. Taking the dog back inside the house, Stahl told Sugar to be kind to all animals. Over the next week, Stahl would open up her curtains to find... Read more →

WOMEN’S RESOURCE GUIDE | POSH Destination Services, LLC’s

Healthy Getaways November/December 2017 BY PAMELA SMITH-EVANS POSH Destination Services, LLC is your ticket to a healthy and stress-free vacation. Pamela Smith-Evans, the company’s founder and CEO, combines her two great loves – travel and exquisite events – to create custom-tailored journeys for a range of groups, from business conferences... Read more →


November/December 2017 B Y HARRY B. SIEGEL   . DIVORCE   The word creates an emotional reaction. Will I have enough money? Will my children be okay? Can I keep my home or have to move? Aside from an attorney,who else do I need to help me? The SIEGELLAW immersion... Read more →

WOMEN’S RESOURCE GUIDE | Check Engine Light on?

What does it mean when the “Check Engine” light comes on in my car? November/December 2017 BY DOUG HILLMUTH . When the “check engine” light comes on, it is a warning to let you know there is a problem with your car. Why is it important to fix your car... Read more →


Free Smile Analysis Online,Virtual Appointments,Convenient Hours and More November/December 2017 CHRISTINE DAVIES, NEW PATIENT COORDINATOR Celebrating 30 years in Howard County and voted Best of Howard County 2016, Drs. Hickory, Selnick, Derakhshan, and Smith are internationally recognized specialists in orthodontics. As experts treating both children and adults with Invisalign, invisible... Read more →

WOMEN’S RESOURCE GUIDE | Central Maryland Radiation Oncology

November/December 2017 University-Based Radiation Oncology in Howard County If radiation therapy has been recommended as part of your cancer treatment, did you know you can be treated in Howard County? At Central Maryland Radiation Oncology, experts from the University of Maryland Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Medicine collaborate to offer... Read more →

WOMEN’S RESOURCE GUIDE | Charitable Giving

November/December 2017 BY AMANDA PIPER AND JENNIFER McMANUS As we enter the holiday season and our altruistic spirits are sparked, there are many options to consider to satisfy our desire to give back. Those of us with a philanthropic heart are always looking for ways we can use our resources... Read more →


  If you dream of being a designer, Lee Andersen can help STORY BY Anne Haddad      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella September/October 2017 The ateliers of Paris and Milan rule the world of haute couture, but there are other gateways to fashion and design. Lee Andersen has opened a portal... Read more →

Rising Stars

ONE-OF-A-KIND HOWARD COUNTY PROGRAM EMPOWERS YOUNG FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS STORY BY Rebecca Kirkman      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella September/October 2017 On a Wednesday evening in April, an entrepreneurial urgency seems to fill the room as about 20 young women tackle challenges that come with a start-up business—like what to include in... Read more →


WHY NOT PUT YOUR MONEY TOWARD HAPPINESS? By Lyn Dippel September/October 2017 For many of us, fall is a chance to reset, to take a look at where we are. In financial terms this can mean fine tuning plans and budgets, but we might also take a broader view and... Read more →


September/October 2017 The $9 million Long Reach Tennis Club is scheduled to open in the spring. The club will feature six climate-controlled courts with viewing areas and hard court surfaces, locker rooms with showers and an on-site racket stringing service. “The project was designed that could serve all types of... Read more →


June/July 2017 Meal time will get a whole lot easier for Howard County residents starting this fall. Freshly, a New York City-based food delivery service, will open a new 171,000 square-foot meal distribution center on Bollman Place in Savage. The facility, estimated to add more than 500 jobs to the... Read more →


FINANCIAL WISDOM STARTS EARLY By Lyn Dippel June/July 2017 Whether we realize it or not, our financial habits, fears and perceptions about money are internalized by our children. If we teach our children about the value of being frugal, but we regularly purchase the latest model car or iPhone, those... Read more →


By Amanda R. Piper, CFA, MBA, CEP June/July 2017 More and more women are taking charge of their retirement planning, but some need help getting started. What does retirement mean to you? Do you dream of traveling, pursuing a hobby, volunteering, or starting a second career? Whatever your goal, you’ll... Read more →

Pioneering Women

FIVE WOMEN WHO HELPED CREATE A COMMUNITY Heather Kirk-Davidoff, Amanda Loudin March 2017/April 2017 Everyone knows that Columbia is a “planned community.” But who, exactly, planned it? James Rouse and his staff, along with the 14 experts who constituted a “Work Group,” came up with the design for streets and... Read more →

High Flier

JEAN MOON CAME TO COLUMBIA IN HER 20s. SHE’S BEEN A STRONG INFLUENCE EVER SINCE Martha Thomas March 2017/April 2017 Jean Moon moved to Columbia in 1971 and a few months later started freelancing for the local newspaper, the “Columbia Flier.” She quickly worked her way up to become general... Read more →

Big Ideas Start Small

JAMES ROUSE LISTENED TO HIS WIFE, LIBBY, WHO YEARNED FOR COMMUNITY Heather Kirk-Davidoff March 2017/April 2017 When you think of a laboratory, what images come to mind? Men in white lab coats pouring liquid from beaker to beaker? Edison’s tangle of wires and filaments and switches? Do you imagine the... Read more →

Her Money

FINANCE AT 50 LAST-MINUTE PLANNING FOR THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT FUTURE Lyn Dippel March 2017/April 2017 While 50th anniversaries are often cause for hearty celebration, not everyone feels as celebratory about their 50th birthday. Many of us have not had an opportunity to save as much as we would have liked or... Read more →


March 2017/April 2017 After historic flood waters ravaged Ellicott City’s historic downtown Main Street on the evening of July 30, 2016 causing more than $20 million in damage and the loss of two lives, officials hosted a re-opening ceremony shortly after Thanksgiving. The ribbon cutting, with Senator Ben Cardin and... Read more →


REBUILDING AN ELLICOTT CITY THAT IS BETTER THAN EVER By Amanda Loudin and Martha Thomas December 2016/January 2017 When a natural disaster as devastating as the July 30 flood hits, it’s hard not to look back and reflect on the events. But Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman is all about... Read more →

Main Street Stories-Past Meets the Present

After the July 2016 tragedy, women of Main Street share their stories Though she was an expert on floods, Jodye Russell didn’t know what hit her Text by Halima Aziza and Amanda Loudin     Photography by Mary C. Gardella December 2016/January 2017 Philadelphia native Jodye Russell has a history with... Read more →

Main Street Stories-Spirited Revival

After the July 2016 tragedy, women of Main Street share their stories Gallery owner Robin Holliday threw her weight against the water Text by Halima Aziza and Amanda Loudin     Photography by Mary C. Gardella December 2016/January 2017 Art runs in Robin Holliday’s family. “My grandmother was an artist,” says... Read more →

Main Street Stories-Something’s Brewing

After the July 2016 tragedy, women of Main Street share their stories Tea on the Tiber embraces the opportunity to change Text by Halima Aziza and Amanda Loudin     Photography by Mary C. Gardella December 2016/January 2017 Though Linda Jones was initially in shock after the flood destroyed her Main... Read more →

Main Street Stories-No Time to Wine

After the July 2016 tragedy, women of Main Street share their stories In spite of devastating losses – notably to the restaurant’s wine cellar – Angie Tersiguel sees the silver lining Text by Halima Aziza and Amanda Loudin     Photography by Mary C. Gardella December 2016/January 2017 When Angie Tersiguel... Read more →

Main Street Stories-Hair Today

After the July 2016 tragedy, women of Main Street share their stories ary Anne Madeiros found a temporary place for her salon, but couldn’t wait to get back to Main Street Text by Halima Aziza and Amanda Loudin     Photography by Mary C. Gardella December 2016/January 2017 Though Mary Anne... Read more →

Main Street Stories-Twins Speak

After the July 2016 tragedy, women of Main Street share their stories Two sisters searched for each other as the flood waters surged Text by Halima Aziza and Amanda Loudin     Photography by Mary C. Gardella December 2016/January 2017 Twins Katie and Sarah Huber were both working on Main Street... Read more →

Main Street Stories-Home Sweet Home

After the July 2016 tragedy, women of Main Street share their stories Though Sweet Elizabeth Jane has a new storefront, it’s back where it belongs on Main Street Text by Halima Aziza and Amanda Loudin     Photography by Mary C. Gardella December 2016/January 2017 In the aftermath of the storm,... Read more →


November/December 2016 Running a successful family-owned bakery since 2009 is sweet enough. But when Kupcakes & Co. scored a victory on an episode of the Cooking Channel’s new “Cake Hunters” show? Well, that was just the icing on the cupcake. “It felt amazing to win,” says Michelle Kupiec, owner of... Read more →


PATTI SAPP TAPS INTO A SUBCONSCIOUS THAT HAS BEEN THERE ALL ALONG STORY BY Martha Thomas      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella November/December 2016 The mother of three teenaged daughters, Anna Maria Mallin experienced her share of stress. “I had a lot of family problems; I wasn’t exercising,” recalls... Read more →


HOW TO MANAGE LIVING SELF-EMPLOYMENT INCOME By Lyn Dippel November/December 2016 Many of us have unpredictable or inconsistent incomes. Unfortunately, the bills come whether we have been paid yet or not. If we have not planned carefully, when a big expense occurs we may get caught short. And two other... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide-FUNERAL SERVICES

Where do I start? Who do I call? What do I do next? November/December 2016 A lot of misunderstanding exists in the funeral industry. As a Certified Funeral Service Professional, I have spent the last 23+ years guiding and serving the families in our community through this difficult time. Researching... Read more →


What is Sustainable Investing? November/December 2016 Sustainable strategies that incorporate environmental, social or governance considerations into investment decisions. You may have heard of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) or Impact Investing. SRI began by excluding “sin industries” in the early 20th century. Since that time, sustainable investing... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide-MALE INFERTILITY

Chesapeake Urology Male Fertility and Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal November/December 2016 Although patients often find their sexual health challenging to discuss, we assure you that we will put you at ease. Both sexuality and the ability to conceive a child are important parts of life that deserve the most sensitive and... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide-SKIN HEALTH & WELLNESS

Celebrating 15 Years of Ageless Skin November/December 2016 Celebrating its’ 15th anniversary, Medical Skin Therapeutics’ (MST), origins were modest. Paulina Collins, an intensive care nurse for 20+ years, wanted a career change to leverage her medical background, while providing exceptional, personalized patient care. “I understood that aesthetic skin care had... Read more →


How to Manage Menstrual Irregularities November/December 2016 Typical menstrual cycles last between 23 and 35 days and include seven or fewer days of bleeding (usually with a few days of light fl ow or spotting at the beginning and end and a day or two of heavy bleeding in the... Read more →


SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 STORY BY Elizabeth Heubeck      PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella My mother grew up in Baltimore City in the 1950’s, relying on trolley cars and good shoes to get her where she needed to go. Then she married my father and moved to a newly developed suburban community... Read more →


SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 Smoky pulled pork … grilled pineapple … sriracha aioli. Trucks almost never smell this good. But Madame BBQ isn’t a typical truck. Instead, it’s a woman-helmed mobile eatery that’s been bringing rich, meaty offerings to hungry Howard Countians since 2014. “I started it as an expansion of my culinary... Read more →


SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 Amanda R. Piper, CFA, MBA, CEP Financial Advisor, RJFS Chief Investment Officer Wagener-Lee, LLC An Independent Registered Investment Advisor5950 Symphony Woods Road, Suite 412 Columbia, MD 20144443-276-9595  www.WagenerLee.comSecurities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC   Amanda joined Wagener- Lee Wealth Advisors as a Financial Advisor in 2010. In addition... Read more →


EVERYDAY SUPER HEROINES WOMEN WHO ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM DESERVE OUR ESTEEM SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 By Lyn Dippel With elections coming up, many of us are looking for candidates who will best promote our values. You can also vote with your pocketbook. We often look to public figures such as Sheryl Sandberg,... Read more →


Pals for Life STORY BY Pamela Gerhardt    PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella JUNE/JULY 2016 Jana VanderGoot, a University of Maryland architecture professor, gets up from the table where she has been sitting sidesaddle and points to a map of Owen Brown Village in Columbia. The maps covering the walls... Read more →

Sweet Success

SISTERS-IN-LAW KEEP THINGS REAL WITH BOTH THEIR RELATIONSHIP AND THEIR JOINT ICE CREAM VENTURE STORY BY Molly Fellin Spence PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella JUNE/JULY 2016 W hen the women behind Scoop & Paddle Ice Cream Company say their products are authentic, they’re not fooling around. Everything — from the... Read more →


HEARTFELT INVESTING NEW FUNDS AND APPS MAKE INVESTING IN VALUES THAT MUCH EASIER By Lyn Dippel JUNE/JULY 2016 With elections coming up, many of us are looking for candidates who will best promote our values. You can also vote with your pocketbook. As a consumer and investor, you have the... Read more →


JUNE/JULY 2016 Looking for a pour with subtle tannins and a hint of dark berries, with strong undertones of feminism and eco-consciousness? You’ll find it at Red, an Earth-friendly wine, beer and spirits shop tucked into the Clarksville Square Shopping Center. Owned by Susan Miller and managed by wine industry... Read more →


MARCH/APRIL 2016 Combine great food with great art and what do you get? A great idea. And that’s just what Mary and Barth De Rosa, owners of Secolari, had when they decided to open the doors of their gourmet vinegar and olive oil shops to local artisans. Now, patrons of... Read more →

GROW Your Career | Work Force Development

Resolution: Do something to improve career prospects. If you’re thinking of changing your career, let this be the year. By Barbara Pash DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016 Those of us who are dissatisfied with our jobs often greet the New Year with a repeated resolution: This is the year to make a change.... Read more →

GROW Your Career | The Road Ahead

A Howard County program is designed to help participants reach financial stability. By Barbara Pash DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016 When Brooke Abercrombie, a 51-year-old divorced mother of two, heard about Getting Ahead, she jumped at the chance. After being laid off a few years ago from her job as a manager... Read more →

A Rare Breed

LAUREL PARK’S FEMALE JOCKEYS TURN THEIR PASSION INTO CAREERS PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARY C. GARDELLA   TEXT BY JULIE AYERS NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 A jockey’s day starts early. Most arrive at the track at around 5:30 a.m. to meet with trainers, exercise horses – and hopefully be selected to race in the... Read more →


By Holly Smith NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 Its thick stone walls may not guard cash and bonds anymore, but the historic bank on Ellicott City’s Main Street is once again home to treasures. This past May, the gorgeous circa 1906 building was transformed into Vintage Vault & Gallery, a one-of-a-kind shop filled... Read more →


Kim Parr Roenigk has found a way to support herself – and others – with her painting STORY BY Jack Livingston PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 ParrSong Studio and Design was born of necessity. In 2011, after 25 years as a visual arts teacher at Baltimore School for... Read more →


SHOULD YOU SHARE YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION WITH YOUR CHILDREN? By Lyn Dippel NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 In a recent study of parents with incomes over $100,000, only 17 percent said they would discuss their income or net worth with their children under the age of 18 – close to 20 percent said... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide|WEALTH MANAGEMENT

The Hidden Value of Wealth Managers NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 Choosing a financial advisor to help navigate the maze of financial decisions you need to make over your lifetime can be a daunting task. Financial advisors have many different designations, titles, and service offerings, which can make finding the right advisor difficult.... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide|ESTATE PLANNING

Can You TRUST Your Children With Money? NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 We all know that we need to have a will prepared to designate guardians to take care of our children if we pass away before they turn 18. Many of us also understand that we should leave our assets in trust... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide|FUNERAL SERVICES

Where do I start? Who do I call? What do I do next? NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 A lot of misunderstanding exists in the funeral industry. As a Certifi ed Funeral Service Professional, I have spent the last 22+ years guiding and  serving the families in our community through this diffi cult... Read more →

Women’s Resource Guide|LIFE INSURANCE

Life isn’t always easy, but a State Farm agent may make it easier… NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 A sense of security is so much more.  If something happened to you, your State Farm Life Insurance policy would give your loved ones a guaranteed death benefit – funds to help provide them with... Read more →


SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2015 Kelly B. Wilkes, owner of Ojas Wellness Centers, believes that every woman has a reset button “and they need to give themselves permission to push it.” Ojas, which recently opened a new facility at Meadow Ridge Center in Elkridge, says Wilkes, is the place to do just... Read more →

By Degrees

Whether it’s the first time or a return trip, it’s never too late to go to school STORY BY Barbara Pash       PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mary C. Gardella SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2015 It wasn’t easy for Jennifer McLaughlin to go back to school. In fall 2012, McLaughlin, then 41, enrolled... Read more →

A Tale of Two Career Changes

SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2015 Denise Reccardi loved being a nurse. But after almost 30 years as a combat nurse in the Unites States Navy, an injury ended her career. In 2014, Reccardi took a medical discharge, then had to decide what to do with the rest of her life. Because of... Read more →


WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE NOT SAVED AS MUCH AS YOU WOULD HAVE LIKED? IT’S NOT TOO LATE! By Lyn Dippel SEPTEMBER /OCTOBER 2015 Top 5 priorities if you are behind on savings. Reduce all debt except your mortgage. Use this debt calculator to figure out how to prioritize... Read more →


They grow up so fast. Magazines, that is. Still, it’s hard to believe that “Her Mind” will blow out five candles on its cake this year. And to think it all started with a visitor’s guide. “Our first publication was “Ellicott City and Beyond,” says Beth Ditman, co-president with Dorothy... Read more →


5 TIPS FOR MERGING TWO DECORATING STYLES By April Force Pardoe Merging two people’s possessions can be challenging, especially if you are combining different styles. Ultimately the merge is about embracing the person and his/her interests and history without getting too caught up in the stuff itself. Easier said than... Read more →


In more birthday news, Tersiguel’s French Country restaurant celebrates 40 years of serving up fine food to Howard county diners. The Tersiguel family opened Chez Fernand on Ellicott City’s Main Street in 1975. The current location opened in 1990. Odette and Fernand Tersiguel moved to the U.S. in 1963 working in... Read more →

HER MONEY Summer 2015

FINANCES FOR THE AFFIANCED By Lyn Dippel If you’re middle-aged and thinking of marrying – or remarrying – you are not alone. Midlife divorce is on the rise and at least 40 percent of those women will remarry. Conversely, others have put their careers ahead of tying the knot, making... Read more →

All In the Family

Going into business with a sibling can be challenging and gratifying. STORY BY Kim Polyniak PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung Annette and Melissa Roche grew up helping their mother do hair – initially at home and then in her African braid shop. At times, the Congolese-American sisters would start braiding hair on... Read more →


  “Her Mind” magazine turns five this year. We started with two issues of Woman to Woman, a magazine for Howard County women in 2010. Now, as “Her Mind,” we have become a voice for local women, with stories about business, health, the arts and the people around us. We... Read more →


What to pair with that glass of Tempranillo? How about some tempera? At  Pinot’s Palette, Ellicott City’s new art-studio-slash-wine-bar, you can do just that. “We are an upscale destination where you can create a colorful painting while sippi ng on your favorite beverage while socializing with your friends,” says Jim Noss,... Read more →

Her Money

FAMILY TOGETHERNESS HELPS IN CARING FOR AGING PARENTS It can happen gradually or overnight, but sooner or later most adult children must coordinate care for one or both parents, a situation that puts tremendous strain on sibling relationships. The best outcomes come when family conversations are held well in advance,... Read more →


By Julekha Dash    Photography by André Chung “I really want to put people back to work. I’ll go out of my way to make a connection.” Merlynn Carson How does a medical school graduate wind up running a fast-growing staffing firm? Dr. Merlynn Carson first entered the industry by working... Read more →


By Barbara Pash Wendy Slaughter knows about complicated situations. As a realtor, she’s dealt with plenty but one client in particular stands out. The newly divorced woman, a mother of two, was being forced to sell the house she co-owned with her former husband. At the same time, the woman,... Read more →


By Karen Nitkin As director of Employment and Day Services at The Arc of Howard County, Bonnie Cronin oversees placement of more than 100 individuals in jobs throughout the county and finds volunteer opportunities for a dozen more. The Arc of Howard County, founded in 1961, serves children and adults with... Read more →


FOUR WOMEN REFLECT ON THE INFLUENTIAL MEN IN THEIR LIVES STORY BY Karen Nitkin   PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung Remember the adage “behind every successful man there is a woman?” It’s way out of date. Successful men – and successful women – don’t always have someone standing behind them, providing... Read more →


MORE WOMEN ARE TAKING CHARGE OF FINANCIAL PLANNING By Lyn Dippel Traditionally men have taken responsibility for managing and achieving the family’s long-term financial goals. As a result, many women grew up looking to fathers, brothers and husbands for guidance. But men’s and women’s goals tend to differ when it... Read more →


FOUR IMPORTANT TOPICS FOR A WOMAN’S FINANCIAL HEALTH CHECK-UP Your financial health is like physical health. Both require knowledgeable advice, a long term view, and a proactive approach. And like your physical health, sometimes we neglect a needed financial check-up. There are enough demands on our time (kids, spouse, bosses,... Read more →


LIFE ISN’T ALWAYS EASY, BUT A STATE FARM AGENT MAY MAKE IT EASIER… A sense of security is so much more If something happened to you, your State Farm Life Insurance policy would give your loved ones a guaranteed death benefit – funds to help provide them with much of... Read more →


USING YOUR HOME TO PAY FOR IMPROVEMENTS By Lyn Dippel When I was young, I was taught to avoid debt and pay off my loans as soon as possible. While this advice is true in many cases, there are times when debt can make good financial sense. Home equity loans... Read more →


THE NEW INCARNATION OF THE OLD ROUSE HEADQUARTERS EMBRACES WELLNESS STORY BY Barbara Pash In some ways, Haven on the Lake defies description. The future facility refuses to fit into such neat categories as a gym, spa or yoga studio. Haven combines all three – and more. Columbia Association’s Rob... Read more →


LOOKING FOR A DREAM JOB? THINK OUTSIDE THE OFFICE STORY BY Regina Mc Carthy PHOTOGRAPHY BY Lisa Shires Many of us can relate to the pleasure of being outdoors while camping, hiking or just taking a stroll around the neighborhood. The outdoors makes us feel alive, restored and somehow connected... Read more →


By Holly Smith Waterside dining in the area has gone Gallic. Thanks to the recent opening of Petit Louis Bistro, visitors to the Columbia Lakefront can now tuck into fabulous French fare in a setting to match. “It’s an absolutely beautiful site,” says restaurateur Tony Foreman, whose other establishments include... Read more →


ACHIEVING FINANCIAL WELLNESS There is no shortage of information and advice on personal finance today. We are inundated with information in print, on the web and through an endless stream of financial experts. In the end though, most of us are searching for the same thing … financial “wellness.” It’s... Read more →


GIRL GEEKS GET WITH THE PROGRAMMING.   STORY BY Barbara Pash In late September of last year, 90-plus girls, elementary to high school age, gathered at a modest building in a semi-industrial park in Columbia. Normally the headquarters of an information technology training firm, for that Friday night and all day... Read more →


TIME IS, FOR MANY OF US, A BARRIER TO PURSUING OUR DREAMS.   By Arnie Thomas Time is, for many of us, a barrier to pursuing our dreams. If your passion falls outside of your day job, what do you do? Few are ready or willing to give up the... Read more →


THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FINANCIAL STABILITY AND HOMELESSNESS, FOR SOME FAMILIES, MAY BE A SIMPLE CONVERSATION.   The difference between financial stability and homelessness, for some families, may be a simple conversation. MakingChange, a financial counseling nonprofit in Howard County, helps to provide the coaching and support many lower-wage workers need... Read more →


PHYSICAL FITNESS AND FINANCIAL FITNESS CAN GO HAND IN HAND If you are in poor health, overweight or obese, or smoke, there are compelling financial reasons to take control of your health. These health factors can affect nearly every part of your financial life. Your Income –Studies suggest that workers... Read more →


DANIELLE DIFERDINANDO ALWAYS KNEW SHE WOULD BE A DESIGNER; IT WAS JUST A MATTER OF MAKING THAT FIRST BIG SALE. STORY BY Katharine Schildt Scrivener   PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Chung Most designers aren’t discovered in an elevator. But that’s just how Danielle DiFerdinando’s career began – and she’s been on... Read more →


ENTREPRENEURS SKIN SOLUTION Shortly after Funlayo Alabi’s second son was born, he developed a horrible case of baby eczema. Funlayo and her husband, Shola, were worried about the pediatrician’s prescription of steroids to take care of it. “We were concerned about the long-term effects,” recalls Funlayo. Originally from West Africa, the... Read more →


A BRIEF DISCUSSION OF RETIREMENT AND TAX TOPICS CALLING ALL WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS: • You’ve transitioned from traditional employment to working for yourself • You are a Mom working part time as a consultant • You are entering a commission-based business It was hard enough establishing your business and rearranging your... Read more →


MOVING FROM CONCERN TO CONFIDENCE In my 15+ years as a planner, I’ve found people are typically in the dark about what Financial Planning really is. Our financial success depends on our ability to make informed integrated decisions. This cannot be done using online calculators or by listening to a... Read more →


DO YOUR FINANCIAL HOMEWORK BEFORE STARTING A BUSINESS. Let’s start with the doom-and-gloom: Many start-ups fail even if they offer a great product and have a great owner. They fail because the owners didn’t do their financial homework. Here are a few tips to help you get off to a... Read more →


Women’s Resource Advertising WOMEN AND WEALTH: RETIREMENT PLANNING STRATEGIES FOR WORKING WOMEN Many working women save for retirement by contributing to their employer sponsored plans (ESPs). What if you are “maxing out” your ESP and want to save more? Women who don’t work outside the home are not eligible for... Read more →


Her Mind hosted a fundraiser in early June that raised more than $11,500 for the Business Women’s Network of Howard County and Blossoms of Hope, which benefits the Claudia Mayer Center at Howard County General Hospital. Forty special bags, stuffed with goodies, were sold during a silent auction, raising more... Read more →


JULES SHEPARD’S CELIAC DIAGNOSIS HASN’T KEPT HER FROM BAKING – AND EATING – THE FOODS SHE LOVES   STORY BY Martha Thomas        PHOTOGRAPHY BY Jeff Rasmussen If Jules Shepard had attended business school 20 years ago and had been tasked with setting up a plan to start a company, she... Read more →


Women’s Resource Advertising LIFE ISN’T ALWAYS EASY, BUT A STATE FARM AGENT MAY MAKE IT EASIER… A sense of security is so much more. If something happened to you, your State Farm Life Insurance policy would give your loved ones a guaranteed death benefit – funds to help provide them... Read more →