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Are You Getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

-Allow yourself a two-to three-hour wind-down relaxation routine prior to bedtime

-Avoid going to bed full or hungry; both are mentally distracting.

-Exercise regularly, but not too close to bedtime as it can give you an adrenaline rush.

 If you suffer from hot flashes at night:

-Use a fan in your bedroom

-Minimize spicy foods close to bedtime

-Ensure pajamas and bed linens are made from breathable material, like 100% cotton

-Layer your night clothing so you can discard some of it during the night

-Avoid a large intake of liquid in the evening to minimize bathroom use in the middle of the night.

-If you suffer from repeated bouts of sleep disturbances, seek consultation from your doctor or a sleep center.


Source:  Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep


Originally Posted March/April 2014   |   STORY BY Elizabeth Heubeck

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