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You're never too old to stop loving your home, but what if you reach an age where you can no longer live in it safely?
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Ashley Roop makes goodies for all the Foreman Wolf restaurants. Her sweets include raspberry-rhubarb, and chocolate ganache, with chocolate and salted caramel mousse.
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In the spirit of doing good, our annual "gift to myself" guide started out with all the best intentions. We sought out gifts that would be even more fun when shared with others. But this guide has always been a tad self-indulgent, so we tossed in a few things you'll want to keep for yourself. 
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Girls are taking to sports fields in ever increasing numbers, and many are playing as aggressively as their male counterparts.
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"We tend to attract female decision makers. We are not buttoned-up and because of that, we attract wonderfulclients. The buying and selling process is so emotionally stressful." Wendy Slaughter

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